Blinking With a Deadeye

Posted in Feature on October 25, 2012

By Conley Woods

One of my favorite cards of all time is Momentary Blink. The card was extremely versatile in its uses, seeing play with just about every enters-the-battlefield creature in the formats it belonged to. One of the reasons Momentary Blink was so cool was that it offered multiple uses of the effect, which was all Blink decks wanted to do. With Avacyn Restored, we saw a lot of one-time blink effects printed, but not too many multiple-use blinks. One of the cards that did do this, though, was Deadeye Navigator.

Momentary Blink

Now, traditionally, you probably wouldn't think of a six-mana 5/5 that needs other creatures to do anything special as a Constructed card, but Fergus Brown-O'Byrne decided it was exactly what he wanted to be battling with at the Newfoundland 2012 States! Obviously, when we are playing with a card like Deadeye Navigator, we want to be maximizing his blink effect, so every creature in this list has some synergy with the card. From Elvish Visionary early to Thragtusk late, you cannot have a creature in play that doesn't want to be blinked!

Of course, basing your entire deck around a single card can be tricky if you don't draw that certain card, but Fergus tried to make sure to avoid this trap with the inclusion of Restoration Angel. Now, instead of only four creatures that synergize with your primary plan, you have eight! Of course, its not like any of the creatures in here are bad without a blink effect, making the deck play fine even if you don't draw Angel or Navigator. Throw in some solid removal and mana fixing and you have yourself a Top 8-quality list!

Fergus Brown-O'Byrne's Deadeye Midrange

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