Blue Bots

Posted in Feature on November 9, 2012

By Conley Woods

Tomorrow, Grand Prix Chicago will be on display. And the format? Modern. Modern has introduced plenty of interesting decks so far over the past few months, but very few of those decks were brand new. Most of them were some shell of an idea from a previous life, brought to life and realized once again given the Modern card pool. One of the most dominant decks of the past decade also gets to reemerge, even if it isn't with the same staff that put it on top of the world: Affinity.

Steel Overseer

Affinity was one of the most feared Standard decks of all time. Its raw speed and resilience was astonishing. These days, with most of the artifact lands banned—as well as Skullclamp—the deck has had to take on a new identity and actually has as many cards with metalcraft as affinity! Still, the gameplan remains pretty much the same as it did eight years ago. Davide Colla made the Top 8 of Grand Prix Lyon using the following blue version of the deck, even though there are also dedicated red robot pilots.

The deck wants to deploy as many cheap or undercosted threats as possible. Arcbound Ravager, Steel Overseer, and Master of Etherium all act as lords for all of your robotic friends.And that isn't even counting Signal Pest. As you dig through your deck with Thoughtcasts, one card specifically tends to be desired more than others: Cranial Plating. Just as it always has, Plating comes down and ends the game shortly thereafter, giving this deck the potential speed of a combo deck while it can still win a longer game, especially with the use of utility lands.

Davide Colla's Robots

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