Posted in Feature on November 1, 2012

By Conley Woods

We have taken a look at quite a few different Humans strategies in the past here on Daily Decks, sometimes even WU Humans, we have not gotten to see how Return to Ravnica impacted the archetype. Seeing as how it is Azorius Week here at, I wanted to revisit white-blue aggro and see exactly where it stands now. With essentially 20% of Return to Ravnica dedicated to the guild, they had to get something new and cool, right?

Precinct Captain

Well that is definitely the case! One of my favorite aggressive cards from the new set is Lyev Skyknight. I got to play with four of them in the Magic Online Community Cup and I can definitely tell you how versatile the card is. Whether you are tempoing an aggro deck to the point where your creatures actually outshine its own or just hurting a control deck's mana or Planeswalker, the Skyknight is an aggressive and disruptive three-drop. Another beauty from Return to Ravnica is Precinct Captain. While I can see many white aggro decks not wanting to play the Captain, as a two-drop Human that spits out Soldiers he is pretty outstanding.

And the deck has ways to get the Captain through. Whether you are just playing a Fiend Hunter to follow up, clear a blocker, or try to getting a little more fancy, he can definitely add up. Both Spectral Flight and Bonds of Faith turn the 2/2 into something much more, and if you manage to soulbond him up with a Silverblade Paladin, he even gets to generate double the tokens! Oh, and if you are an aggressive deck trying to battle against this, good luck against all of the first strike, my friend!

Andrew Davis's Azorius Aggro

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