Born of the Gods Update Bulletin

Posted in Feature on January 28, 2014

Like every new set, Born of the Gods brings with it plenty of new cards and abilities to spice up your Magic games. For us here at Rules Central, it's also a fine time make some improvements to the Comprehensive Rules and revisit some Oracle wordings that may not be all they can be. Most of these changes are fairly deep down the rules minutiae rabbit hole. I don't expect them to affect most of the games you play. But, it's nice when the rules and Oracle databases are operating at peak efficiency. An acronym we use a lot in R&D is CQI: Continuous Quality Improvement. It's not an original concept, but it pretty accurately describes how we feel about Magic.

By the time you read this, the Release Notes have been published. Born of the Gods will be available in Gatherer by Wednesday, along with all the Oracle updates mentioned in this bulletin. The update to the Comprehensive Rules will be published soon after a final review. I hope you all have a great time at the Born of the Gods Prerelease. The extra activities at Prereleases and other events are a relatively new innovation, and I love how they give us another way to experience each new set.

If you notice a rule or card whose wording you think merits attention, there are several ways to let me and the rest of the rules team know. You can respond to this article down below or mention it in the forums (particularly the Rules Theory and Templating forum). If you're interested in interacting with me personally, you can do so on Twitter (@TabakRules) or tumblr ( Most of the changes you read about are started by players and judges just like you, for which I am eternally grateful. I'd hate to have to hunt everything down myself. Enjoy!

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