The Boros Beam

Posted in Feature on December 6, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

It's Boros Week on, so today we're taking a peek behind the scenes of a card with the Boros mechanic, radiance -- in particular the art of the card Cleansing Beam.

Cleansing BeamA bolt from the heavens rips through the bodies of two shadowy imp
creatures in the art of Cleansing Beam.

Here's the art description provided to artist Pat Lee for the Cleansing Beam piece:

This is RW-guild 'purging' magic -- a way to clear out an area real fast. Show a number of creepy critters like the ones on styleguide pg. 23. They were skulking off to do someone's dirty work, but now each one of them is being incinerated by a white-hot column of flame from the sky.

As you can see below, the art depicts these similarly-colored critters getting duly incinerated, as the radiance mechanic hits them in turn:

Cleansing Beam art by Pat Lee

The two creatures in the foreground are getting missed by the beam -- perhaps they Quickchanged to another color in response -- or perhaps we're seeing the moment just before Razia, Boros Archangel drops beams on them, too!

We thought you might like to see what page 23 of the Ravnica style guide, mentioned in the art description above, actually looked like, to see the references that Pat Lee drew from for the final art. This sneak peek is taken from the Dimir chapter, indicating that these are imps and other critters. Can you see the creatures that inspired the final art?

Ravnica style guide image

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