Branded: Magic’s Fall Update with Jake Theis

Posted in Feature on November 14, 2005

By Jake Theis

Greetings from the Wizards’ mothership in scenic Renton, Wash.! Actually, I should say greetings from the ALL NEW mothership in scenic Renton, Wash. It has been quite some time since we have chatted, and boy, do I have a lot to say.

The loyal viewers among you know that Wizards has packed its bags and made the extremely long and arduous journey across the street to our new offices over the last month. I found numerous things during the move that I never would have expected (“I don’t know where those boxes of Beta went boss…I swear”). Coming out of the move process, Wizards also announced the coming of Coldsnap.

Those of you who know me (the check’s in the mail; I swear), know that I am a huge Ice Age fan. My sad, tattered old trade binder used to be filled with Goblin Snowmen, Karplusan Yetis, Sibilant Spirits, and oh yes…Necropotences. I used to debate the finer points of the Zur’s Weirding/Fountain of Youth lock. I knew that the “j” in Kjelderon stood for “just incredible.” Needless to say, I am pumped that Ice Age block will be coming back to the forefront and will get the proper conclusion that it deserves. I can’t wait to tell you more about the set as we get closer. Before we can get to Coldsnap, however, we have to experience the all-out awesomeness of Guildpact and Dissension (What a punishment!).

Those of you who were able to attend Pro Tour: Los Angeles not only got to see one of the best Extended formats firsthand, you also got to experience one of the best Pro Tours that we have offered. The decks were interesting, the venue was great, and our Side Events were phenomenal. The parity in our formats is amazing. Ravnica Sealed Deck and Booster Draft tournaments are strong, and the Standard and Extended Formats are just starting to take shape. Another cool feature of PT: LA was the presence of Proteus, Inc., our partners in the mobile phone industry, and PSA/DNA, one of our allies that is helping us stamp out card-counterfeiting.

If you have not had a chance to check out our cellular phone e-store, I recommend that you drop everything (except your phone) and check it out. Currently, there are 28 wallpapers available including images from Ravnica, Ninth Edition, Kamigawa Block, and other classic pieces of Magic artwork. Whether you are daydreaming in class, on the train, or in a company meeting, you can gaze fondly at your phone and think…”Man…I wish I was shuffling a deck of these bad boys right now.”

Have a favorite card? Odds are that its up now or will be coming to our e-store. While our current offerings are amazing, these wallpapers are only the tip of the iceberg. We intend to release new pieces throughout the year and will be making Guildpact images available on the e-store before they are available anywhere else. There are also some features that may be coming to your phone next year that are pretty darn exciting, but I can’t talk about those now. Whoops, I guess I just did…

I do have one more thing to say about our cell phone offerings, however. If you are a huge Helldozer fan like me, you need to help me get the ‘dozer into the Top Six for next month. In month of October, white cards were king, as four cards made our Top Six monthly countdown. Hippie and Jester’s Cap were the only non-white cards to make our list. It turns out that people like angels. Maybe, I should buy myself a harp and a halo.

Wallpaper Hot List (Top-Downloaded Wallpapers of October)

  1. Wrath of God
  2. Hypnotic Specter
  3. Akroma, Angel of Wrath
  4. Serra Angel
  5. Jester’s Cap
  6. Firemane Angel

If we don’t get a chance to visit before 2006 (it’s coming up fast), I recommend that you keep your eyes glued to News breaks fast and first to the website, and our Online Media team does a terrific job of looking out for you, the fan. 2006 is going to be a huge year for Magic, including the release of the final two sets of the Ravnica block, Pro Tours in amazing locales (like Hawaii), the anticipated launch of Magic Online 3.0, the long-awaited conclusion of Ice Age block, and the launch of our newest block, Codename: Snap.

Until we talk again, so long and happy shuffling!

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