Building a Mashup

Posted in Feature on April 24, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Making a mashup can be difficult, but it's easily one of the most rewarding things to do in Magic. Occasionally, you can take the finer points of two different decks, splice them together, and end up with something that is well-positioned to dominate a format. It happens infrequently, but when it does, it's usually pretty powerful.

Stormbreath Dragon

In this case, we have a typical-looking RG Devotion deck, except with some Stormbreath Dragons. At first, they might seem out of place in a deck that is otherwise trying to play a long game and win with card advantage. However, by running the risk of drawing something that doesn't fit into your game plan each time, you retain the potential to have multiple game plans. After all, your Plan A isn't always good enough.

A card like Stormbreath Dragon is incredibly powerful. It allows you to turn the corner quickly and put yourself in a winning position when your opponent thought he or she was safe to play a slower game. Combined with Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx and the ability to monstrous easily, Stormbreath Dragon is truly amazing.

If you think your deck is good but could use a little help against certain strategies, try experimenting with mashups. You might be pleased with what you find!

banan's RG Devotion

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