Burning Command

Posted in Feature on December 12, 2012

By Conley Woods

We have seen a lot of interesting stuff happen in Standard over the past few weeks. Reanimator has proven to be viable and versatile—and not just sporting a single viable archetypebut, rather, many of them. Aggro decks seem to be healthy, with green-white, black-red, and mono-red all enjoying success. And control is viable, albeit tricky to master, with decks like Bant, TurboFog, or even crazier concoctions like the list that Luis Scott-Vargas and Travis Woo have been working on known as Omnidoor Thragfire.

Reforge the Soul

But, sometimes, a deck comes together from a bunch of cards that makes the viewer ask, "Is that even in Standard?" Cjlack92 has found some recent success with the following list that has turned some heads. The idea has been spotted a few times over the past month or so now, so its origins are a bit of a mystery to me, but the deck is cool nonetheless. What we have here is a true combo deck in Standard and it gets to play forgotten gems like Reforge the Soul and Battle Hymn!

The main play pattern of the deck is to get a bunch of tokens into play. You can build them up over time, or dump a squad of guys into play in a single turn using rituals and Electromancers. From there, a Battle Hymn or two, maybe even cast off of a Past in Flames, supplies the deck with a ton of mana to continue dumping guys into play as you refill your hand with Reforge the Soul. At some point, with a critical mass of creatures, Burn at the Stake gets to go to the head for an instant win, or you might cast Rally the Peasants if your team was fortunate enough to break through its bout with summoning sickness. This is a really good deck idea that has a ton of potential to grow!

Cjlack92's Combo Tokens

Download Arena Decklist

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