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Posted in Feature on December 3, 2012

By Conley Woods

Normally here at Daily Decks, we get to feature cool new decklists on the scene made by fellow players and deck builders. With such a large and active community, there is usually plenty of ideas to talk about and showcase. Today is a little different for us, though, and it quite frankly feels a little weird, but cool new lists are not to be hidden from the world! Today, rather than showing off someone else's brew, we are going to get to the nitty-gritty on one of my own lists, which I was fortunate enough to pilot to a Top 8 finish at Grand Prix San Antonio.

Unburial Rites

The Standard metagame has evolved to the point of having pretty well-defined archetypes by this point, but players can often have creativity restricted by this process. For example, Unburial Rites has grown to be recognized as an almost combo-style card, intended to bring back your giant-but-dead creatures from the graveyard as quickly as possible. This saves you on the often high and prohibitive mana costs of some of the larger creatures in the format. In order to accomplish this, a lot of other pieces tend to show up with Unburial Rites, such as Mulch or Faithless Looting. But Unburial Rites can do a lot more than just be a combo card.

In my four-color list from San Antonio, Unburial Rites is very much just a value card. Almost every creature in the deck provides some sort of two-for-one effect. This means that each creature is generating some effect that is roughly worth a card. Therefore, while the deck might not be drawing extra cards, every 5 life from a Thragtusk or 5/5 trampler from an Armada Wurm generates an advantage similar to a card drawn. With Unburial Rites in the deck, once your awesome creatures have died, you get additional shots at bringing back these powerful effects. And because Unburial Rites has flashback and the creatures you are bringing back are two-for-ones, that "combo" card is actually similar to a four-for-one! The metagame is sure to change, but this list is proactive enough that with the correct tweaks, it should be an awesome option for your local Friday Night Magic!

Conley Woods's 4C Midrange

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