Card of the Day - August, 2011

Posted in Feature on August 1, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Moan of the Unhallowed
Moan of the UnhallowedInnistrad uncommon. To see all the Innistrad cards that have been officially previewed, consult the Innistrad Card Image Gallery!

Wooden Stake
Wooden StakeInnistrad common. To see all the Innistrad cards that have been officially previewed, consult the Innistrad Card Image Gallery!

Goblin Berserker
Goblin BerserkerUrza's Destiny uncommon. The flavor text for Goblin Berserker was written by Monty Ashley. He still feels bad that he used pretty much the same gag on Phyrexian Monitor in the same set.

TerrorLimited Edition Alpha common. Ever wonder why that terrified person is in the upper left? Ron Spencer's original illustration for Terror was done with a vertical aspect ratio, rather than the horizontal one that Magic cards use. Art director Jesper Myrfors simply rotated the art ninety degrees!

Hazezon TamarLegends rare. Hazezon Tamar and Dune-Brood Nephilim are the only sources of the Sand creature type. Sorry, Sand Golem! You're just not sandy enough!

Centaur Rootcaster
Centaur RootcasterJudgment common. Centaur Rootcaster is a druid that attacks with a giant mace while simultaneously merging its enemies with the ground. When there's no enemy to root into the ground, the centaur presumably gets you whatever land you want.

Armor ThrullFallen Empires common. The flavor text for this version of Armor Thrull makes it clear that "armor" is not meant figuratively. The Order of the Ebon Hand literally wear them as armor. Weird!

AWOLUnhinged common. This week's secret Card of the Day theme has been references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Skinshifter looks a lot like Roger the Shrubber, Angus Mackenzie is a dead ringer for Tim the Enchanter, Master of the Wild Hunt makes an acceptable Knight Who Says Ni, and Sol Grail stands for itself. And today, we close out with Sir Not-appearing-in-this-film.

Sol GrailAlliances uncommon. Sol Grail is an anagram of "Gorillas." It got this name because at one point during playtesting, every single card in Alliances had the word "Gorilla" in its title. That happened because the design team was annoyed that the continuity team was planning to throw out their carefully planned story in favor of one about intelligent gorillas on a rampage.

Master of the Wild Hunt
Master of the Wild HuntMagic 2010 mythic rare. Master of the Wild Hunt has two wolves at his feet. But behind him, there are an unknown number of wolves coming up through the fog. Because after all, there's no way to know how many wolves will eventually be showing up to wreak havoc.

Angus MackenzieLegends rare. Angus Mackenzie refers to the legendary land Karakas via flavor text. Between the two cards, a picture is built up of a land where battles don't take place and famous people don't stick around for long. In other words, the exact opposite of a place where interesting things happen. Is it any wonder Magic never returned to it?

SkinshifterMagic 2012 rare. According to Doug Beyer, "Skinshifter is a form of beastmaster, a nature mage who can alter his appearance and become one of the living creatures belonging to the forest he reveres. He's a kind of wild-man who can become a wild beast."

MonomaniaMagic 2012 rare. Monomania, a psychological disorder that went out of vogue in the mid-nineteenth century, consists of a single obsession taking over an otherwise sane mind. Before it was replaced with more specific diagnoses, it was very popular in literature, appearing by name in works like Crime and Punishment and Moby Dick.

Peregrine Griffin
Peregrine GriffinMagic 2012 common. A griffin (or sometimes "griffon" or "gryphon") is a mythical beast with the head and wing of an eagle but the rear half of a lion. In Magic, either the eagle or the lion part can be swapped out for a different bird or cat, as Peregrine Griffin (peregrine falcon) and Spotted Griffin (leopard) show.

Kite Shield
Kite ShieldMagic 2012 uncommon. In the real world, kite shields (named for their shape) began to replace the smaller round shields around the tenth century. They were prominent in the Battle of Hastings and can be seen in the Bayeux Tapestry. Their big advantage is that they're long enough to protect a soldier's legs and torso at the same time.

SmallpoxMagic 2012 uncommon. Smallpox got its name because it's a smaller version of Pox. Which is kind of odd when you think about it, because in the real world, smallpox is one of the more deadly varieties of pox.

Arbalest Elite
Arbalest EliteMagic 2012 uncommon. An arbalest is a real-world device. It evolved out of the crossbow and looks, well, like the thing on Arbalest Elite. The "elite" part presumably comes from the fact that this archer does more damage than a random person assigned to operate a Heavy Arbalest.

Bloodthirsty Ogre
Bloodthirsty OgreChampions of Kamigawa common. Bloodthirsty Ogre has a abilities that mirrors the ones on Pious Kitsune. Foxes and ogres, as you know, are locked in an eternal struggle for dominance.

Bogardan Lancer
Bogardan LancerFuture Sight common. Every card with bloodthirst appears in either Guildpact or Magic 2012. Except for Bogardan Lancer, which is in Future Sight. That means it might theoretically come back, if a set ever gets printed that includes both bloodthirst and flanking!

Scab-Clan Mauler
Scab-Clan MaulerGuildpact common. Believe it or not, the art on Scab-Clan Mauler was not the final art submitted by Liam Sharp. The creative team actually preferred an earlier sketch, so they used the sketch for the card! Learn the whole story in this Arcana from 2006.

GristlebackGuildpact uncommon. Gristleback was printed as a Beast, with no other distinguishing creature types. When Boars became an official type in the Grand Creature Type Update, Gristleback got retroactively Boar-ified . And so, incidentally, did Scandalmonger!

Vampire Outcasts
Vampire OutcastsMagic 2012 uncommon. When Bloodthirst was introduced in Guildpact, it was on a bunch of Gruul creatures, meaning that it appeared in red and green. When it came into Magic 2012, it appeared on a lot of black creatures. Because what makes more sense for vampires than bloodthirst?

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