Card of the Day - December, 2010

Posted in Feature on December 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Customer ServiceUnglued uncommon. The phone number in the flavor text of The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Customer Service is no longer accurate. But in the United States and Canada, (800) 324-6496 will work. Outside those countries, use (425) 204-8069 or go to

Fiery Conclusion
Fiery ConclusionRavnica: City of Guilds common. Some monocolored cards in Ravnica clearly belong to one guild. Others, like Fiery Conclusion, could belong to more than one. Its flavor text shows how it's viewed by three red-aligned guilds. Apparently Gruul has no time for that sort of thing.

Terminal Moraine
Terminal MorainePlaneshift uncommon. Before Terramorphic Expanse and the extremely similar Evolving Wilds, there was Terminal Moraine, which made the mistake of trying to provide mana itself.

Last Chance
Last ChanceMasters Edition rare. Last Chance is exactly the same as Final Fortune, except that it's a sorcery instead of an instant. This is because it was originally printed in Portal, which didn't have any instants.

Final Revels
Final RevelsLorwyn uncommon. Have you seen the skull hidden in the art of Final Revels? This arcana will show it to you!

1996 World Champion – One-of-a-kind rare. Although it's not in Gatherer, there is a card named 1996 World Champion. Given away to that year's winner, Tom Chanpheng, it has shroud and power/toughness equal to target opponent's life. And although it costs to cast, it can be tutored for at instant speed for no mana and a discarded hand.

Talruum Champion
Talruum ChampionVisions common. For as long as there's been talk of Magic on the Internet, there have been rumors of a "Throat Wolf" card, which is said to have "firstest strike." If such a creature were to exist, it would probably look a lot like Talruum Champion. Although it doesn't work against creatures with double strike.

Champion Lancer
Champion LancerMasters Edition IV rare. Champion Lancer originally appeared in the beginner-level set Starter 1999, but it's going to make a return appearance in Masters Edition IV on Magic Online. And its wording hasn't changed in all that time!

Worldgorger Dragon
Worldgorger DragonJudgment rare. Worldgorger Dragon is a Nightmare Dragon because, like Faceless Butcher and other Nightmares, it takes something away when it enters the battlefield and returns it when it leaves. Not because of the nightmarish combo it presents with Animate Dead.

Crucible of Worlds
Crucible of WorldsFifth Dawn rare. Crucible of Worlds was designed by the readers of under the guidance of Mark Rosewater as part of the second You Make the Card back in 2003.

ImprisonLegends rare. As printed, Imprison has 29 words of rules text. The Oracle version (which uses modern wording and is considered the official version) has 79. Neither version explains the art.

Hoofprints of the Stag
Hoofprints of the StagLorwyn rare. Tragically, the creature that Hoofprints of the Stag puts onto the battlefield is an Elemental, which means it's not supposed to represent Glimmerpoint Stag or Great Sable Stag. Or Stag Beetle.

Prince of Thralls
Prince of ThrallsShards of Alara mythic rare. The horns on Prince of Thralls are mimicked in the headdress worn by the Demon's Herald.

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