Card of the Day - February, 2010

Posted in Feature on February 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Death's Shadow
Death's ShadowWorldwake rare. Death's Shadow is a "shadow avatar," a personal incarnation of a mage's soul, a creature made of magic that represents the mage's innermost power. But this creature has a twist -- the avatar "feeds" from the mage's life force, so it becomes stronger the weaker the mage gets.

Sejiri Steppe
Sejiri SteppeWorldwake common. It enters the battlefield tapped. It only taps for one color. Did we mention it's common? But the humble Sejiri Steppe was a singleton in four of the eight top Standard decks in Pro Tour–San Diego, jumping out at instant speed—thanks to Knight of the Reliquary—to foil pesky removal spells.

Dread Statuary
Dread StatuaryWorldwake uncommon. Raging Ravine, Stirring Wildwood, and friends got a lot of attention at Pro Tour–San Diego, but they weren't the only creature lands in the Top 8. Craig Wescoe's White Weenie deck took advantage of its easy mana to play a full four colorless-producing, hard-hitting creature lands.

Cunning Sparkmage
Cunning SparkmageWorldwake uncommon. At Pro Tour–San Diego, Cunning Sparkmage was employed in combination with Basilisk Collar to deal with pesky Baneslayer Angels!

Crusher Zendikon
Crusher ZendikonWorldwake common. If you put a Zendikon on a land with an "enters the battlefield" ability, you get an extra bonus after the land returns to your hand. Your Khalni Garden could generate a 0/1 Plant token, attack for 4, and then give you another Plant!

Avatar of Woe
Avatar of WoeProphecy rare. A special alternate-art foil version of Avatar of Woe will be given out (while supplies last) all weekend at Pro Tour–San Diego. And here's a coincidence: artist rk post will be at the event signing cards!

Mysteries of the Deep
Mysteries of the DeepWorldwake common. Throughout Worldwake, the secrets of Zendikar are starting to be revealed. Some of them are the results of quests (or treasure hunts), and some are just because the roil has decided to reveal a mysterious, half-buried statue.

Fledgling Griffin
Fledgling GriffinWorldwake common. The flavor text for Fledgling Griffin explains its ability: whenever it sees a new land, it takes flight so it can see better. Then, sadly, it returns to the ground until the next new tourist destination opens up.

Eye of Ugin
Eye of UginWorldwake mythic rare. Eye of Ugin was predicted way back in Future Sight (or should that be "will be predicted"?) in Ghostfire's flavor text: "Only those gifted with the eye of Ugin, the spirit dragon, can see his fiery breath."

Razor Boomerang
Razor BoomerangWorldwake uncommon. The unfortunate recipient of a Razor Boomerang to the neck appears to be a Minotaur, which means that this card fits neatly in the ongoing series of cards that show Minotaurs being hurt.

Horizon Drake
Horizon DrakeWorldwake uncommon. "Some never touch the ground from birth to death." Get it? It's got protection from lands, so it never lands!

Bestial Menace
Bestial MenaceWorldwake uncommon. One thing that helped Bestial Menace get printed in Worldwake was the fact that two of its tokens (Turntimber Ranger and Cobra Trap) had already been printed in Zendikar.

Ricochet Trap
Ricochet TrapWorldwake uncommon. Ricochet Trap is unusual in that it's a red card showing a blue mage casting a spell. But the spell is looping around the hedrons and coming back to hit the mage instead of its intended target! This was a cleaner way to convey the spell than attempting to show a red mage engaged in redirecting a spell.

Marsh Threader
Marsh ThreaderWorldwake common. Marsh Threader parallels the very similar (in name and ability) Zendikar card Cliff Threader. In fact, a careful examination of the art suggests that they might be the very same threader, just relocated from the mountains to the swamp.

Quest for Ula's Temple
Quest for Ula's TempleWorldwake rare. Originally, Quest for Ula's Temple only worked on Krakens, Leviathans, and Serpents. Then the presence of Lorthos, the Tidemaker in Zendikar forced R&D to add "Octopus" to the list of affected creature types.

Wrexial, the Risen Deep
Wrexial, the Risen DeepWorldwake mythic rare. From the Worldwake FAQ: If you cast a card "without paying its mana cost," you can't pay any alternative costs. On the other hand, if the card has additional costs (such as kicker or multikicker), you may pay those.

Abyssal Persecutor
Abyssal PersecutorWorldwake mythic rare. From the Worldwake FAQ: Effects that say the game is a draw, such as the Legends card Divine Intervention, are not affected by Abyssal Persecutor.

Bazaar Trader
Bazaar TraderWorldwake rare. From the Worldwake FAQ: This effect has no duration. The targeted player retains control of the targeted permanent until the game ends, the permanent leaves the battlefield, or an effect causes someone else to gain control of it.

Death's Shadow
Death's ShadowWorldwake rare. From the Worldwake FAQ: If your life total is less than 0 and an effect (such as the one from an opponent's Abyssal Persecutor) is keeping you from losing the game, Death's Shadow's ability will actually increase its power and toughness. For example, if your life total is -2, Death's Shadow gets +2/+2.

Walking Atlas
Walking AtlasWorldwake common. From the Worldwake FAQ: The word "artifact" was inadvertently omitted from Walking Atlas's type line. The card has received errata to correct this omission; it is an artifact creature.

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