Card of the Day - January, 2010

Posted in Feature on January 4, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug
Rocket-Powered Turbo SlugUnhinged uncommon. This card got into Unhinged after it got rejected from Unglued for rules concerns. Three years later, Future Sight's Pact Cycle would put it into real Magic at last.

Rishadan Airship
Rishadan AirshipMercadian Masques common. Rishadan Airship is cool for two reasons. First, it appeared as a four-of in the Top 8 of Pro Tour–Chicago 2000 in Jay Elarar's mono-blue deck. Second, c'mon, airship pirates. You can't beat that.

Goblin Rock Sled
Goblin Rock SledFourth Edition common. As part of the Great Creature Type Update, Goblin Rock Sled was officially changed from creature type "Rock Sled" (or "Rock-Sled") to "Goblin". Which means that it no longer has to wait for a Rock Sled King to be printed in order for it to get +1/+1!

Living Plane
Living PlaneLegends rare. The roots of Worldwake stretch all the way back to Legends. After all, what is a Living Plane but a world where the lands come to life and try to kill you?

Trained Pronghorn
Trained PronghornJudgment common. The jump displayed in Trained Pronghorn is a "pronk", a characteristic vertical leap performed by the gazelles and antelopes. It's also called "stotting".

Ethercaste Knight
Ethercaste KnightAlara Reborn common. After the shards (of Alara) merged, different residents reacted differently to the new environment. The Ethercaste Knights, originally of Bant, welcomed their new Esper neighbors with open arms. Arms which, if you look closely at the art, they replaced with Etherium!

Merchant Ship
Merchant ShipArabian Nights uncommon. Merchant Ship was the Card of the Day on June 4, 2007, when it kicked off one of the greatest week-long themes that Card of the Day has ever had: five straight "ship" cards, all illustrated by Tom Wänerstrand!

Priest of Gix
Priest of GixUrza's Saga uncommon. Priest of Gix is one of many cards that got a little stronger and safer to use after the Magic 2010 rules changes and the removal of mana burn. Also on this list are Upwelling, which seems to have inspired a card in Worldwake, and Mana Drain, which we hear was pretty good to begin with.

Common Courtesy
Common CourtesyUnglued uncommon. The word "Magic" in the flavor text of Common Courtesy is bolded, to conform to our stylistic rules. That joke was mostly for our editors, really.

Noble Vestige
Noble VestigeZendikar common. Most people don't think about the problems faced by a ghost in a world where the terrain is constantly changing. Just imagine if you were haunting a castle that now only exists as pieces of architecture floating in the clouds. It seems like it would be disconcerting.

WeakstoneAntiquities uncommon. The stone in Weakstone is clearly that green thing right there. It's easy to see. But it's hard to focus on, because the weird dog thing wearing the collar is so adorable! It also appears on the alternate art of Circle of Protection: Art, as you can see here.

View from Above
View from AboveConflux uncommon. Did you know that the Vedalken in the foreground of View from Above is flying? Well, it is! It's looking down at the land of Grixis from above the clouds. And it's presumably wondering how to get back home to Esper.

Presence of the Master
Presence of the MasterLegends uncommon. The guy who look suspiciously like Albert Einstein isn't the only reference to the real world on Presence of the Master. The ring of planets has a red planet at number four and a ringed planet at number six, making them probably Mars and Saturn. But what's with the tenth planet?

Wake of Vultures
Wake of VulturesVisions common. Wake of Vultures got promoted from "Creature–Vulture" to "Creature–Bird" in the Great Creature Type Update. This change also meant that Soraya the Falconer gives it a bonus. "Soraya the Vulturer" doesn't have the same ring to it.

World-Bottling Kit
World-Bottling KitUnhinged rare. This Unhinged card is a reference to Apocalypse Chime, City in a Bottle, and Golgothian Sylex. Mark Rosewater tried very hard to get it into Mirrodin, but eventually gave up and saved it for an Un-set.

DreadLorwyn rare. Do you wonder exactly what you're looking like when you see Dread (or one of the other Elemental Incarnations from Lorwyn)? Here's a quote from the art description: "Notes: Incarnation cycle. Get weird with this! Players shouldn't be able to look at this and say, 'oh, it's a snail.' It should be much stranger than that." That's as specific as we can get!

Citanul Woodreaders
Citanul WoodreadersPlanar Chaos common. You might not have realized it, but "Citanul" is a common English word spelled backwards. This explains why we spent an hour trying to write this blurb as a palindrome. Trying and failing, we should say. If you're curious, it was going to end with "Ow! Lunatic!"

Shriek of Dread
Shriek of DreadPlaneshift common. The creature giving the titular shriek in Shriek of Dread is Crosis, the Purger, who is easily recognizable by means of comparing the two cards. Or by reading the flavor text.

Dread Charge
Dread ChargePortal rare. Fittingly, the Portal card Dread Charge nearly gives Fear. Why doesn't go all the way and allow artifact creatures to block? Simple: Portal didn't have any artifacts, so it would have been confusing to print it on a product designed for new players!

Dread Return
Dread ReturnTime Spiral uncommon. If you look carefully at the art for Dread Return, you might recognize a creature that would benefit from being sacrificed and returned to the battlefield: Mindslicer!

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