Card of the Day - January, 2011

Posted in Feature on January 3, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Priests of Norn
Priests of NornMirrodin Besieged common. Prior to Mirrodin Besieged, the Phyrexians have never really been thought of as being associated with white mana. But after all, they do represent a highly structured and organized society...

Dancing Scimitar
Dancing ScimitarArabian Nights rare. Well before the living weapons of Mirrodin Besieged, there was Dancing Scimitar, a sword animated by magic in Arabian Nights. Its 5 toughness presumably represents how hard it is to kill a sword, not an inordinately strong metal.

Poisonbelly Ogre
Poisonbelly OgreGuildpact common. The flavor text for Poisonbelly Ogre speculates that it might be of either Simic or Golgari origin. Of the two, Golgari seems more likely, since the Simic guild doesn't involve black mana. Neither guild was in Guildpact, but the Ogre surely isn't Orzhov.

MetalworkerUrza's Destiny rare. Back in the days of 2000-2003, when Metalworker was tearing up tournaments, the deck was sometimes referred to as "mono-brown" because it was all artifacts. That name stopped working when artifacts stopped having brown card borders.

Battle Cry
Battle CryIce Age uncommon. Including to Battle Cry, General Jarkeld, the Arctic Fox appears in the flavor text of fifteen cards in Ice Age. He's also shown on General Jarkeld, but he's not saying anything.

Infected Vermin
Infected VerminOdyssey uncommon. At first, Infected Vermin behaves just like a Pestilence that can kill itself. But if enough things have died, the disease can really take off. It's still going to be tough on the Infected Vermin, though.

Phyrexian Rager
Phyrexian RagerApocalypse common. Phyrexian Rager first appeared in Apocalypse, then showed up in Tenth Edition and Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana. And it's also in Mirrodin Besieged! That Horror sure gets around.

Mirrodin's Core
Mirrodin's CoreDarksteel uncommon. According to the Mirrodin Style Guide, "The interior of Mirrodin is a vast, featureless expanse of silvery, dull metal. The only features of the landscape are the mycosynth, the occasional artifact creature, and Panopticon. The interior is lit by the mana-core sun, which washes everything in intense, pure-white light. The mana core appears as a giant sphere of pure white plasma suspended at the nucleus of the planar sphere."

ArrestMercadian Masques common. We're going to skip over the fact that Arrest is in both Mirrodin and Scars of Mirrodin, because we've never noticed its Mercadian Masques flavor text before. Did you know the person being arrested is Orim, Samite Healer? For murder?

Myr Battlesphere
Myr BattlesphereScars of Mirrodin rare. Statistics show that there are more Myr on Myr Battlesphere than on any five cards put together. The art was provided as a wallpaper here.

Auriok Siege Sled
Auriok Siege SledDarksteel uncommon. In case you've ever wondered, if you use both of Auriok Siege Sled's abilities on the same creature, that creature won't be able to block the sled that turn.

Look at Me, I'm R&D
Look at Me, I'm R&DUnhinged rare. Look at Me, I'm R&D is the only card in Magic with no artist credit. It also had no art!

Blade of the Sixth Pride
Blade of the Sixth PrideFuture Sight common. Future Sight brought the "future-shifted" card frame into Magic, and the future-shifted vanillas had their own textless version. There's room for eight mana symbols there, which ought to be enough for any creature. Well, any vanilla creature. Sorry, Progenitus and B.F.M. (Big Furry Monster)!

_____Unhinged uncommon. What can you do with a card with no name? Well, not much. But what can you do with a card that can set its own name to anything? Mark Gottlieb covered this question in detail, and the answer is: a lot! Didn't think of Bazaar of Wonders, didja?

Cyclopean Tomb
Cyclopean TombMasters Edition IV rare. The Alpha version of Cyclopean Tomb was printed without a mana cost. This error was corrected in Beta (it's ), and that was the last nonland card printed without a mana cost ... until Evermind.

Nameless Race
Nameless RaceThe Dark rare. Since 2007's Grand Creature Type Update, every creature in Magic has at least one creature type. Except one: Nameless Race, because, well, look at the name!

Beacon of Creation
Beacon of CreationFifth Dawn rare. Three of the Fifth Dawn Beacons were in Tenth Edition, but Beacon of Creation and Beacon of Tomorrows didn't make the cut. Aaron Forsythe explained why a few years ago, but it was basically because they overlapped too much with more interesting options in their colors.

Genesis Wave
Genesis WaveScars of Mirrodin rare. Genesis Wave was the key card in David Williams's deck at the 2010 Magic: The Gathering World Championships. For a complete decklist and video deck tech, check out the Daily Deck for December 17, 2010.

First Come, First Served
First Come, First ServedUnhinged uncommon. In case you're wondering, the Unhinged FAQ says that tokens don't have collector numbers. But that was before tokens started being included in packs, and the modern tokens do have numbers. Well, Unhinged packs actually did have tokens with collector numbers, but back then, they were in the minority.

Scroll of Origins
Scroll of OriginsSaviors of Kamigawa rare. There's a tongue-in-cheek rule of thumb in Magic design that a fair land can be turned into a fair artifact that costs . For example, Shadowblood Ridge and Rakdos Signet are both fair cards. Scroll of Origins is based on Library of Alexandria, but without the ability to tap for and with an additional activation cost. The exact text of Library of Alexandria wouldn't be fair on a two-mana artifact, suggesting that Library of Alexandria wasn't a fair land. But we knew that already.

Pattern of Rebirth
Pattern of RebirthUrza's Destiny rare. There's a fairly complicated combo involving Phyrexian Ghoul, Academy Rector, Pattern of Rebirth, and Saproling Burst, but there's no room to go into it here. It was described back in 2002 by Ben Bleiweiss.

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