Card of the Day - July, 2009

Posted in Feature on July 1, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Platinum Angel
Platinum AngelMagic 2010 mythic rare. In the Gatherer comments for Platinum Angel, Studoku thinks outside the box: "Giving it indestructability is not bad, but a bit dull. Personally, I like the idea of putting two in play and using Master Transmuter to bounce and return them if they're in danger. "

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Doom Blade
Doom BladeMagic 2010 common. In the Gatherer comments for Doom Blade, Lestat13 has a challenge for you: "I dare you not to shout it's name out as a boxing announcer. "

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Terramorphic Expanse
Terramorphic ExpanseMagic 2010 common In the Gatherer comments for Terramorphic Expanse, Ace Rimmer has a plan: "Great card especially with the M10 duals. crack this to make sure the dual in your hand comes in untapped, and thins your deck. very nice."

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Acidic Slime
Acidic SlimeMagic 2010 uncommon. In the Gatherer comments for Acidic Slime, SavageBrain89 describes it as "My new best friend: a mindless combination of chemicals and cells, that destroys things." Well said!

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DeathmarkMagic 2010 uncommon. In the Gatherer comments for Deathmark, Azr43l has this to say: "I like the art. The dead guy is actually crying up. Or he's upside down, but I prefer the prior."

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Survival of the Fittest
Survival of the FittestExodus rare. According to the art description, Survival of the Fittest shows "a large Mogg having beaten a smaller Mogg to the floor in a bloody pulp." Back in Tempest block, Moggs died a lot. Just ask Mogg Fanatic!

Ali from Cairo
Ali from CairoArabian Nights rare. In the early days of Magic, when sets referred to stories that already existed, there was nothing unusual about a card name with a real-world place in its name. There was Ali from Cairo, Bazaar of Baghdad, and Library of Alexandria. It is no coincidence that all three of these appeared in Arabian Nights.

Chaos Confetti
Chaos ConfettiUnglued common. Have you ever noticed that the bottom of Chaos Confetti's text box is full of bits of paper torn by the giant hands in the art?

Shivan Dragon
Shivan DragonLimited Edition Alpha rare. When Shivan Dragon first appeared in Alpha, there was no context for the word "Shivan". It wasn't until Urza's Saga that "Shiv" appeared appeared on its own, clearly referring to a specific mountain range.

SilhouetteLegends common. Silhouette was illustrated by Kaja Foglio, who, at sixty cards illustrated is slightly ahead of her husband Phil Foglio, who's done only forty-seven. Even if you include the nine Claymore J. Flapdoodle cards, Kaja's still in the lead!

Crash of Rhinos
Crash of RhinosMirage common. Crash of Rhinos was, believe it or not, a key part of a competitive deck called "Strands of Rhinos", which used the Gerrard Vanguard card (Draw 2 cards a turn, but with a maximum hand size of 4) and Strands of Night for early Rhino-bashing.

Armillary Sphere
Armillary SphereConflux common. In our world, the invention of the armillary sphere (a model of the celestial sphere) is credited to Eratosthenes (in Greece) or Shi Shen and Gan De (in China). On Esper, it's used to perform divination.

Mouth to Mouth
Mouth to MouthUnhinged uncommon. It's not uncommon to have flavor text indirectly reference another card. Mouth to Mouth takes this a step farther, though, telling people to go read the other card's flavor text instead. That card, incidentally, is Ow.

NekrataalTenth Edition uncommon. When Nekrataal got new art for Tenth Edition, Christopher Moeller was careful to include nods to the Nekrataal. Check out the notches on the swords!

CarbonizeScourge uncommon. The unlucky creature in the art for Carbonize is an Aven, the humanoid birds. It's probably a Dragonstalker, based on the color of the feathers.

Razia, Boros Archangel
Razia, Boros ArchangelRavnica: City of Guilds rare. To quote Matt Cavotta, "Razia has been the heart and soul of the Boros guild since the signing of the guildpact. She is more like a demi-god to the army than a military leader, inspiring greatness and giving hope, meaning, and destiny to her Boros devout. Just to keep the black-hearted honest, she does, on occasion, rip the battlefield with holy fire."

Wall of Vapor
Wall of VaporLegends common. Wall of Vapor was the spiritual predecessor of Fog Bank, which improved on its ancestor by cost, toughness, adding flying and even having an improved version of the rules text!

LithatogOdyssey uncommon. The original art for Lithatog was deemed "not cartoony enough" (something we very rarely say) and had to be assigned to a different creature. While the new art is clearly an atog, you can see what happened to the original on Chainflinger (which was originally a dwarf).

Helium Squirter
Helium SquirterDissension common. The way that the Helium Squirter grants flying is simplicity itself: it spits cytoplast slugs full of helium onto its targets. The residents of Ravnica have very sensibly harnessed the squirters instead of allowing them to roam the rooftops, splattering passersby with cytoplast.

Vigean Hydropon
Vigean HydroponDissension common. Vigean Hydropon is the only creature in Magic that can't attack but doesn't have defender (unless you count creatures like Magus of the Moat). This is because "Vigean Hydropon can't attack or block" just looked more sensible than having a defender that couldn't block.

City of Traitors
City of TraitorsExodus rare. The flavor text on City of Traitors references something not many players picked up on: the en-Vec (meaning "in favor with the tribe of Vec") and the il-Vec ("out of favor with same") are bitter enemies.

TreacheryUrza's Destiny rare. To quote Aaron Forsythe, "Treachery is just like Control Magic except it costs zero or negative mana instead of four. Obviously we didn't quite get the idea of 'fixing' cards back then."

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