Card of the Day - June, 2009

Posted in Feature on June 1, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Hurloon Minotaur
Hurloon MinotaurLimited Edition Alpha common. There was a time when Hurloon Minotaur was the official face of Magic: The Gathering, appearing on shirts, jackets, and even welcoming people to game stores as a giant statue. Unfortunately, a vanilla 2/3 for wasn't good enough to live up to the image.

Vedalken Heretic
Vedalken HereticAlara Reborn rare. The art for Vedalken Heretic shows a Lorescale Coatl, which (not so coincidentally) works very well with the heretic in play.

River of Tears
River of TearsFuture Sight rare. River of Tears, like the other Future Sight dual lands, comes from its own strange alternate reality. All we know about that plane is what we can deduce from the art, namely that it's pretty.

Avarice Totem
Avarice TotemFifth Dawn uncommon. Like the Jinxed artifacts (Jinxed Choker, Jinxed Idol, and Jinxed Ring), Avarice Totem tends to change sides a lot in the course of a game. But unlike them, it brings joy and goodness instead of pain and misery.

Gluttonous Slime
Gluttonous SlimeConflux uncommon. Have you ever noticed the two creatures trapped inside the Gluttonous Slime? They're in there!

WanderlustLimited Edition Alpha uncommon. Wanderlust is one of the few cards to have exactly the same name in English and German. This makes perfect sense, of course, when you consider that the word "Wanderlust" was originally German. (It means "a strong desire or impulse to wander").

Devoted Druid
Devoted DruidShadowmoor common. The flavor behind Devoted Druid is "coaxing mana from a meager source". The druid in the art is concentrating on a desolate patch of land, but still creating growth. This effort has a physical effect on her, as shown by the -1/-1 counters.

Subterranean Shambler
Subterranean ShamblerTime Spiral common. The Subterranean Shambler is, like many other Time Spiral cards, a callback to an earlier card. But while Subterranean Spirit damages nonflying creatures by tapping, the Shambler does it only when it first appears (toppling the poor creatures unlucky enough to be standing in the wrong spot) or vanishes (presumably creating a sinkhole).

Groundling Pouncer
Groundling PouncerEventide uncommon. Groundling Pouncer's flavor is based on the army of Endry (of the three faeries of the Vendilion Clique). In the Eventide novel, Endry's army is composed of non-flying faeries called "groundlings."

Canopy Crawler
Canopy CrawlerLegions uncommon. In the days of Onslaught-Legions limited, Canopy Crawler was a very popular pick in the "Beasts deck". Combined with Contested Cliffs, things could go very well for the wise Canopy Crawler drafter.

Krosan Cloudscraper
Krosan CloudscraperLegions rare. In the art for Krosan Cloudscraper, it's ripping up chunks of the Krosan forest that surrounds it. That's represented in its mechanics by the upkeep cost!

Celestial Ancient
Celestial AncientDissension rare. When Mark Tedin got the assignment for Celestial Ancient, he drew in some facial similarities to an earlier elemental with a similar effect: Forgotten Ancient. The creative team liked it so much, they gave it a name that called back to the same thing!

Two-Headed Giant of Foriys
Two-Headed GiantLimited Edition Beta rare. The "Foriys" in "Two-Headed Giant of Foriys" is pronounced "four-eyes". Because he's got four eyes, see?

Sealed Fate
Sealed FateMirage uncommon. Sealed Fate lent its name to a Future Sight mechanic that appeared on only Mesmeric Sliver Spin into Myth: fateseal.

UpdraftIce Age uncommon. The flavor text on the Ice Age version of Updraft features a Sky Mage named Arnjlot Olasson, who appears on three other flying-based cards in Ice Age, including Arnjlot's Ascent.

Doubling Cube
Doubling CubeTenth Edition rare. In Magic, a doubling cube is an artifact that doubles the amount of mana in your pool. But in backgammon, a doubling cube is a six-sided die marked with 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and 64, to show how big the current stakes are!

Limited Resources
Limited ResourcesExodus rare. You think Armageddon is an unfriendly form of land destruction? Check out Exodus's Limited Resources, which (with a few Stone Rains or Frenzied Tillings) can actually prevent further lands from being played at all!

Flame Wave
Flame WaveStronghold uncommon. There's something cool in the art for Flame Wave, but you have to look really, really closely. For a better look at it, check out this Arcana!

Giant Shark
Giant SharkThe Dark common. Giant Shark once was on a list of "Sea Serpent" variants for use in Magic Online Masters Edition sets. Despite its awesome name and flavor (it gets a bonus against wounded creatures!), Giant Shark still waits on the sidelines while Red Cliffs Armada and Vodalian Knights have been printed online.

Coalhauler Swine
Coalhauler SwineRavnica: City of Guilds common. When the Grand Creature Type Update came around, the Coalhauler Swine got a more specific creature type. No longer a mere "Beast", it became a much more classy "Boar Beast".

Jinxed Idol
Jinxed IdolTempest rare. Jinxed Idol was one of the last of the "four-letter flavor text" cards, a cycle that began with Mirage's Ray of Command: "Heel."

LavalancheAlara Reborn rare. The scale of Lavalanche is a little hard to pick up at first, but if you look closely, you'll discover that the wave of lava is engulfing entire buildings!

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