Card of the Day - June, 2014

Posted in Feature on June 2, 2014

By Mike McArtor

Mike first played with Ice Age and became the copy editor for in December 2011. Before DailyMTG, he was an editor on D&D's Dragon magazine for four years.

Gods Willing

Gods WillingTheros. From the art description: "Show Elspeth as she offers her sword to the gods at the Temple of the Gods. It's an epic moment when a planeswalker supplicates to the divine."

Worst Fears

Worst FearsJourney into Nyx. It is difficult to see at card size, but that tiny glowing figure in the center of the art is Elspeth surrounded, the art description helpfully informs, by "the forces of darkness and hatred bearing down on her. She stands alone among a throng of hellhounds, gorgons, and other monsters of the Underworld."

Pernicious Deed

Pernicious DeedConspiracy. English picked up pernicious in the early fifteenth century from Middle French, which took it from Latin's perniciosus ("destructive"), which in turn developed from pernicies ("ruin"). Both parts of the word almost certainly came from Proto-Indo-European. Per- just meant "forward" or "through," but necis and its originator nex probably look familiar to Magic players, as they gave us nausea and necro-, for example.

Grenzo's Rebuttal

Grenzo's RebuttalConspiracy. We are perhaps more familiar with the legal and political form of rebut, meaning to contradict or refute, but that meaning traces back only to the early nineteenth century. Originally, rebut had a more violent meaning. From Old French through Middle English in the fourteenth century, it originally meant "to drive or beat back," or "to repulse."

Bite of the Black Rose

Bite of the Black RoseConspiracy. Short words that describe concrete, observable phenomena (like bite, black, and rose) tend to be pretty old. Both bite and black trace back easily via Old English and Proto-Germanic to Proto-Indo-European. Rose traces back via Latin and Ancient Greek to Persian (which, in turn, might have taken it from PIE).

Æther Tradewinds

Æther TradewindsConspiracy. This Arcana explains Æther. Trade wind originated in the mid-seventeenth century. As explained by the OED (Oxford English Dictionary), it is "from the phrase blow trade," which means "blow steadily in the same direction." The OED continues: "Because of the importance of these winds to navigation, 18th-century etymologists were led erroneously to connect the word trade with 'commerce.'"

Custodi Soulbinders

Custodi SoulbindersConspiracy. The Custodi were an order of priests who served King Brago. They unnaturally prolonged his life to preserve their own power, with unintended consequences. Soul has held its meaning since roughly Old English, which got it from Proto-Germanic. Bind also has pretty consistent meaning all the way back to Proto-Indo-European.

Sentinel Dispatch

Sentinel DispatchConspiracy. Dack Fayden, mentioned in the flavor text, is known as the greatest thief in the Multiverse. Fiora (the setting for Conspiracy) is his home plane.

Conspiracy is now in Gatherer and releases today!


WorldknitConspiracy. In his development feature, "Developing Conspiracy," Dave Humpherys talks about this card and developing conspiracy cards in general.

Conspiracy is now in Gatherer and releases tomorrow, June 6, 2014!

Brago's Favor

Brago's Favor – Conspiracy. Read more about Brago in Nik Davidson's story, "Betrayal."

Conspiracy is now in Gatherer and releases this Friday, June 6, 2014!

Muzzio's Preparations – Conspiracy. Read more about Muzzio and his preparations in Matt Knicl's story, "Like Cogwork."

The Conspiracy Card Image Gallery is complete! Conspiracy releases this Friday, June 6, 2014!

Unexpected Potential – Conspiracy. Marshall Sutcliffe previewed this card and talked about his experiences drafting the set in "My Hidden Agenda."

The Conspiracy Card Image Gallery is complete! Conspiracy releases on June 6, 2014.

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