Card of the Day - March, 2011

Posted in Feature on March 1, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Pistus Strike
Pistus StrikeMirrodin Besieged common. In 2007, Doug Beyer counted the creatures on Xantid Swarm and came up with 725 creatures. Pistus Strike might have more, but since it can't block Our Market Research Shows That Players Like Really Long Card Names So We Made This Card to Have the Absolute Longest Card Name Ever Elemental, we don't need to check.

PhyresisMirrodin Besieged common. Note the word "compleat" in the flavor text for Phyresis. This is not a typo for "complete." Not only is "compleat" a real, albeit archaic, word, it has a specific meaning for the Phyrexians. As Doug Beyer explained in a recent Savor the Flavor article, it refers to the state of being "perfected" by the Phyrexians.

RevelationChronicles rare. Revelation is a World Enchantment (which was originally called an "Enchant World"), a special kind of permanent that works kind of like Planechase. See this Arcana for the full scoop on how World Enchantments work.

Lightning Dragon
Lightning DragonUrza's Saga rare. The first set to have premium foils randomly inserted in booster packs was Urza's Legacy. But in the previous set, Lightning Dragon was the Prerelease Card, and it was the very first Magic card to get the premium foil treatment.

Tower of Calamities
Tower of CalamitiesScars of Mirrodin rare. Back in Mirrodin, there were four Tower cards. It took some time, but Scars of Mirrodin completed the cycle with Tower of Calamities.

Omega Myr
Omega MyrMirrodin common. Alpha Myr is a 2/1 and Omega Myr is a 1/2. Sadly, even if Beta Myr through Psi Myr existed, Magic wouldn't have the numbers required to represent their powers and toughnesses.

Galvanic Key
Galvanic KeyMirrodin common. Galvanic Key is a reworking of Voltaic Key, except that it references Luigi Galvani rather than Alessandro Volta. Or they might just both be using terms related to electricity, rather than 18th-century Italian physicists. That seems more likely.

Chrome Mox
Chrome MoxMirrodin rare. According to this Arcana from 2004, you can see Karn's reflection in Chrome Mox. But since that arcana also claims you can see Britney Spears in Black Lotus and was on April First, it's possible that it's lying.

Chalice of the Void
Chalice of the VoidMirrodin rare. At the 2001 Magic Invitational in Cape Town, South Africa, Gary Wise submitted a card called Artifact of Doom to be made if he won. He didn't win, but R&D liked the card and turned it into Chalice of the Void. Wise's original version cost instead of , but that got changed pretty quickly.

Dwarven Warriors
Dwarven WarriorsFifth Edition common. The original concept of Dwarven Warriors was that they'd be Dwarven Miners, who dig a tunnel to allow a small creature past the enemy lines. But the art showed armor that was a bit too impressive to belong to common miners, so they got promoted.

Rashka the Slayer
Rashka the SlayerHomelands uncommon. Christopher Rush requested to do the art for Rashka the Slayer. "I wanted the Baron Sengir but he was taken, so I took the character that wanted to kill him," he explained in Duelist 7.

Urza's Bauble
Urza's BaubleIce Age uncommon. The original flavor text for Urza's Bauble read, "This margin will not permit a description of the ingenious bauble." But it turned out to be too accurate: it wouldn't fit on the card.

Volrath's Stronghold
Volrath's StrongholdStronghold rare. According to Duelist 23, Volrath's Stronghold is big enough to hold "a dozen Polar Krakens, a score of Phyrexian Dreadnoughts, and still have enough space for a football field." And that's just the living quarters!

SoulshriekMirage common. Soulshriek was originally named "Damien's Cry," a reference to Bill Rose's howling cat.

Animate Artifact
Animate ArtifactMasters Edition IV uncommon. Originally, Animate Artifact could affect artifacts that were already creatures, but when it was printed in Revised, it got the sentence "Has no effect on artifact creatures" added to its rules text.

Sword of Kaldra
Sword of KaldraMirrodin rare. Speaking of Living Weapons, how about a sword that can eventually generate something to carry it? It requires Shield of Kaldra and Helm of Kaldra to work, but to be fair, Kaldra is a bit more impressive than a 0/0 Germ.

Ensouled Scimitar
Ensouled ScimitarFifth Dawn uncommon. While Dancing Scimitar is always a creature (which may or may not have a soul), Ensouled Scimitar is a sword that become a creature (but always has a soul). What is it with scimitars?

Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas
Tezzeret, Agent of BolasMirrodin Besieged mythic rare. Wondering how Tezzeret the Seeker became a slave of Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker? Part of the story can be seen in the web comic The Seeker's Fall.

Virulent Wound
Virulent WoundMirrodin Besieged common. In the art for Virulent Wound, the goblin (named "Gerkk," apparently) shows his infection in the form of the huge boils that cover his back. And he's trying to get back home, which, of course, will only spread the disease.

SkinrenderScars of Mirrodin uncommon. Note that it's called "Skinrender," not "Skinrenderer." It rends skin, rather than rendering it.

JuggernautMasters Edition IV uncommon. When Extended was first created, Juggernaut was banned, due to its alleged unstoppability when combined with Invisibility. That was a different time.

Pit Scorpion
Pit ScorpionLegends common. The first appearance of poison in Magic was on Pit Scorpion and Serpent Generator in Legends. Those two cards, along with The Dark's Marsh Viper, were also in Fifth Edition, which was the last core set to include poison.

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