Card of the Day - May, 2009

Posted in Feature on May 1, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

ShatterIce Age common. The art for the Ice Age version of Shatter appears to involve killing some kind of metallic mechanical man wearing a funnel for a hat. That guy looks kind of familiar.

Mageta the Lion
Mageta the LionProphecy rare. Regardless of his name, Mageta the Lion is not actually a lion. In fact, he's a Human Spellshaper. "The Lion" is merely a nickname or sobriquet to indicate his ferocity in battle.

Reaper King
Reaper KingShadowmoor rare. The Reaper King is one of the only Magic characters to personally respond to an Ask Wizards question (scroll down to January 8)! The only other one we can think of is Akroma, Angel of Wrath, who answered a whole week of questions from June 12-16, 2006.

Little Girl
Little GirlUnhinged common. Little Girl was designed to be the smallest vanilla creature possible. When it was playtested, R&D found that it was a little weak (no surprise there!), but adding an ability would have ruined the gag. So she stayed the way she was.

Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper
Untaidake, the Cloud KeeperChampions of Kamigawa rare. Untaidake is the tallest mountain in Kamigawa, stretching impossibly far into the sky. It's so tall that it transcends mere "Mountain"-ness, so that its mana can only be used for the most powerful and legendary creatures.

B-I-N-G-OUnhinged rare. The numbers on the grid in B-I-N-G-O are laid out so that it takes some effort to give it +72/+72. Otherwise, they'd almost certainly be a Magic Square. We've got kind of a reverse-trivia today!

Lord of Atlantis
Lord of AtlantisLimited Edition Alpha rare. Although "lord" has historically been the catchall term for a creature that gives +1/+1 to a particular type, Lord of Atlantis was the only one until Planeshift's Lord of the Undead that was actually called a "Lord" in its name.

Gaea's Liege
Gaea's LiegeTime Spiral Timeshifted rare. This slot in the Time Spiral Timeshifted set was a choice between Gaea's Liege and Endless Wurm. Finally, the development team decided that the wurm was too similar to Spectral Force (as a giant creature) and Auratog (as something that eats enchantments), so the Liege got the call.

Rings of Brighthearth
Rings of BrighthearthLorwyn rare. Many of the cards in Lorwyn and Morningtide had their parallels in Shadowmoor and Eventide. Compare the hands holding these rings, for example, to the composition of Manamorphose.

JovenHomelands uncommon. The cards from Homelands convey their intricate network of relationships through their flavor text. Joven's is said by Chandler, who has a quote by Reveka, Wizard Savant, who quotes Halina, who doesn't have a card, but also appears on cards ranging from Veldrane of Sengir to Dwarven Pony.

Martial Coup
Martial CoupConflux rare. When the shards began to merge in Conflux, the inhabitants faced threats they'd never seen before. In the art for Martial Coup, several different Bant armies are banding together to fight a rampaging beast from Naya.

Rolling Earthquake
Rolling EarthquakePortal Three Kingdoms rare. Rolling Earthquake is nearly a functional reprint of Earthquake, except that it involves Horsemanship, which was the Portal Three Kingdoms version of Flying. As a result, Rolling Earthquake is much more powerful in an environment that includes all Magic cards, because Horsemanship hardly ever comes up!

Venarian Gold
Venarian GoldLegends common. Years after Venarian Gold first appeared, Mark Rosewater adapted it to create Planeshift's Sleeping Potion, which was also inspired by Skulking Ghost.

Mercurial Kite
Mercurial KiteScourge common. The ability to tap creatures with combat damage was blue in Scourge. Just a few sets later, though, it became the green snake mechanic in Champions of Kamigawa.

Ring of Ma'rûf
Ring of Ma'rûfArabian Nights uncommon. The spiritual ancestor of the Wishes from Judgment, the Ring of Ma'rûf was, like most of the cards in Arabian Nights, based on a story told by Shahrazad to her husband to keep from being killed. Ma'rûf, incidentally, was a childhood friend of Ali from Cairo.

Crag Puca
Crag PucaEventide uncommon. Pucas in Magic are based on the mythical Celtic creatures variously spelled "pooka", "phouka", "phooka", "pwca", or almost anything else within reason. They're essentially mischievous shapeshifters, where "mischievous" can mean anything from "playful" to "homicidal" depending on the story.

Wooden Sphere
Wooden SphereSeventh Edition uncommon. Although it had been around since the days of Limited Edition Alpha, the venerable Wooden Sphere never had flavor text until Seventh Edition. The "thousand limbs" the flavor text is talking about are tree branches.

Sanctum Plowbeast
Sanctum PlowbeastAlara Reborn common. Plowbeasts have an interesting history in the Shards of Alara block. In Shards of Alara, they're Yoked Plowbeast (and mono-white), then in Conflux they've gone rogue and Vagrant Plowbeast (and become green-white). Finally, they're captured be Esper mages in Alara Reborn and pick up some filigree to go along with their touch of blue!

Cascade Bluffs
Cascade BluffsEventide rare. The cycle of dual lands in Shadowmoor and Eventide was originally part of Future Sight's future-shiften cards, when Graven Cairns provided a glimpse of things to come. The allied-color cycle (including Graven Cairns itself) showed up in Shadowmoor, while the enemy-color ones had to wait until Eventide.

Llanowar Reborn
Llanowar RebornFuture Sight uncommon. The rich, verdant landscape seen in the art of Llanowar Reborn has overgrown the destroyed, desolate Llanowar seen in the Forest. Bonus fact: It was made into a Wallpaper of the Week!

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