Card of the Day - October, 2012

Posted in Feature on October 1, 2012

By Monty Ashley

Palliation Accord
Palliation AccordDissension uncommon. "Palliation" is a real English word, derived from "palliate," to make a crime appear less serious. Even the Azorius are willing to cut a criminal a deal sometimes.

Righteous Authority
Righteous AuthorityReturn to Ravnica rare. The symbols that surround the creature in the art for Righteous Authority also appear in the Azorius guild symbol. They're called "law runes" and were developed for Return to Ravnica.

Isperia, Supreme Judge
Isperia, Supreme JudgeReturn to Ravnica mythic rare. Normally, sphinxes avoid getting involved in petty squabbles. But Isperia was convinced to become guildmaster of the Azorius after the dissolution of the Guildpact resulted in crime and chaos running rampant across Ravnica.

Chub Toad
Chub ToadIce Age common. Back in the days of Ice Age, it was common for card names to contain hidden puns or references. Chub Toad is an anagram of "Bad Touch," which has no greater significance than being a phrase people in R&D used to say a lot.

Kukemssa Pirates
Kukemssa PiratesMirage rare. The flavor text for Kukemssa Pirates contains an excerpt from the "Love Song of Night and Day," a poem that's spread across seventeen cards in Mirage and Visions. Read the whole thing here!

BatterhornReturn to Ravnica common. Batterhorn is kind of the Ravnican version of the phrase "A bull in a china shop." It's risky to have open-market bazaars when there are giant monsters wandering around the city.

Haunted Crossroads
Haunted CrossroadsMercadian Masques uncommon. Traditionally, burying someone at a crossroads is supposed to keep them from rising from the grave. With Haunted Crossroads, that's been turned on its head. Which is actually another traditional way to keep people from rising from the grave!

Jungle Patrol
Jungle PatrolMirage rare. When Jungle Patrol was first printed, the tokens it made had two creature types: Wall and Wood. The "Wood" part was moved to the tokens' name in the April 2010 Update Bulletin.

KitesailMagic 2013 uncommon. Kitesails can be seen in the art of several other cards, from the obvious (Kitesail Apprentice) to the surprising (Kor Skyfisher). On a plane as dangerous as Zendikar, it makes sense that people might feel safer off the ground.

Seller of Songbirds
Seller of SongbirdsReturn to Ravnica common. Seller of Songbirds provides a look at the everyday life of a guildless Ravnican citizen. Not everyone is a Lich Lord or a Grand Arbiter, you know!

Chimney Imp
Chimney ImpMirrodin common. You think you're good at making decks? Mark Gottlieb once spent an entire column making decks that made good use of Chimney Imp!

Hideous Laughter
Hideous LaughterChampions of Kamigawa uncommon. If you've ever wanted to see what it would look like if several ratfolk were driven mad by magic laughter, look no further than Hideous Laughter.

Winds of ChangeLegends uncommon. The flavor text on Winds of Change comes from the days when real-world quotes were allowed on expansion cards. Ella Wheeler Wilcox was the poet who wrote, "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone."

Towering Indrik
Towering IndrikReturn to Ravnica common. Indriks were first introduced in the original Ravnica block when Indrik Stomphowler appeared in Dissension.

GuttersnipeReturn to Ravnica uncommon. "Guttersnipe" is a real word for a child who lives in the streets, although it originally referred to an actual snipe (the bird) that picked through the trash in the gutters.

Launch Party
Launch PartyReturn to Ravnica common. A "Launch Party" used to be the weekend that a new Magic set went on sale. But now that's called the "Launch Weekend" and the promo card is tied to that weekend's Friday Night Magic. Otherwise this would have been the Card of the Day for last Friday!

SyncopateReturn to Ravnica uncommon. Syncopate got its name because it's a combination of Power Sink and Dissipate.

Soul Tithe
Soul TitheReturn to Ravnica uncommon. Soul Tithe is just the latest tithe-themed Magic card. In the past, players have been able to tithe blood, mana, and nothing in particular. There's even an Elephant Wizard who enforces the tithing of spells!

Captain SisayInvasion rare. Sisay was the original captain of the Weatherlight, but when she was abducted by Volrath, Gerrard took over the ship to lead the crew on a rescue mission. These events formed the basis of the Weatherlight saga.

Seed Spark
Seed SparkRavnica: City of Guilds uncommon. Seed Spark originally gave its caster X tokens, where X was the converted mana cost of the artifact or enchantment it destroyed. This turned out to be so good that people were afraid to play artifacts at all, so it was toned down a little.

Seeds of Strength
Seeds of StrengthRavnica: City of Guilds common. By saying "Target creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn" three times, Seeds of Strength allows its caster to pick the same creature three times or split the bonus up between three different creatures. Or even give one creature +2/+2 and another +1/+1. This also applies to Common Bond!

Grove of the Guardian
Grove of the GuardianReturn to Ravnica rare. When Grove of the Guardian is sacrificed, it replaces itself with an 8/8 green and white Elemental creature token with vigilance. To picture what this might look like, consider Risen Sanctuary.

Trostani, Selesnya's Voice
Trostani, Selesnya's VoiceReturn to Ravnica mythic rare. The triune dryad, Trostani, rules Selesnya. The Selesnyans, however, would say she is ultimately led by the will of Mat'Selesnya herself. Each of the three dryad identities that comprise Trostani embodies a particular Selesnya value. The left head is Life, the center head is Harmony, and the right head is Order.

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