Card of the Day - September, 2008

Posted in Feature on September 1, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Balthor the Defiled
Balthor the DefiledJudgment rare. Originally, Balthor the Stout was Kamahl, Pit Fighter's mentor, a leader of men (and dwarves) in the Pardic Mountains. But Balthor was killed while battling Ambassador Laquatus and was reanimated as Balthor the Defiled. Balthor's second death comes at Kamahl's hands, who goes on to slay Laquatus himself.

Mirri the Cursed
Mirri the CursedPlanar Chaos rare. In one of the alternate-reality storylines hinted at on Planar Chaos cards, Mirri, Cat Warrior succumbed to the vampiric curse that afflicted Crovax the Cursed in the original Weatherlight saga. The original outcome is depicted on Curiosity, and the twisted, alternate outcome is shown on Keen Sense.

PentavusMirrodin rare. The Pentavus is a larger version of Tetravus (from Antiquities). It was originally a Hexavus, but it had to be shrunk in development.

Sarcomite Myr
Sarcomite MyrFuture Sight common. Myrs are ordinarily described with a metal (Iron Myr, etc.), but "Sarcomite" conveys something altogether different. The "sarco-" prefix means "flesh" or "muscle", so you've got a Myr (magic artificial creature) that's been made from meat, not metal. Creepy!

Exalted Angel
Exalted AngelOnslaught rare. Exalted Angel was so good in Onslaught Block limited that you didn't even need to have the card for it to strike fear into an opponent's heart. Every face-down morph creature could potentially be a lifelinked 4/5 flier attacking on the fourth turn. Scary!

Devouring Light
Devouring LightRavnica: City of Guilds uncommon. The Ravnica keyword "Convoke" had a more direct, but less flavorful, name in development: crittercast.

UnearthUrza's Legacy common. Someday, someone will ask you "What is the only card not in Shards of Alara with two of that set's keywords on it?" This is going to be the card they're thinking of.

Meddling Kids
Meddling KidsUnhinged rare. Obviously a reference to Meddling Mage, the kids share the blue-white nature of the mage. Note how each of them has one blue arm (the left) and one white arm (the right).

Krazy Kow
Krazy KowUnglued common. Krazy Kow was originally a reference to Mad Cow Disease, but got changed somewhere along the way due to concerns about sensitivity. So now it's a reference to Krazy Kat!

Pit Scorpion
Pit ScorpionLegends common. Of the three scorpions in Magic, only Pit Scorpion uses poison counters. It was also one of the two cards (along with Serpent Generator) that introduced poison to the game, back in Legends.

Grand Melee
Grand MeleeOnslaught rare. In the art for Grand Melee, Kamahl goes up against a cleric in the pits. Thanks to the effects of the spell, the cleric shares the barbarian's rage.

FlashMirage rare. Originally, Flash was kept in check by the clause that buried the creature if the player couldn't pay for it. Later cards with benefits based on leaving play as well as coming into play turned that into an advantage!

Order of the White Shield
Masters Edition 2 uncommon. Under the leadership of Lucilde Fiksdotter, the Order of the White Shield's goal was to hunt down and kill the nefarious Lim-Dûl.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Orcish Lumberjack
Masters Edition 2 common. Orcish Lumberjack inspired a number of other "lumberjacks", including Goblin Clearcutter (from Legions) and most recently Shadowmoor's Valleymaker.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Infernal Darkness
Masters Edition 2 rare. Look closely at the art for Infernal Darkness. See the tiny mountains in the foreground? That's actually an enormous demon blotting out the sun itself!
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Gorilla Shaman
Masters Edition 2 uncommon. Affectionately nicknamed "Mox Monkey", the Gorilla Shaman was best known for feasting on the zero-cost artifacts that tended to fill up Vintage games.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Ravages of War
Masters Edition 2 rare. After being reprinted in Portal and Portal Second Age, Armageddon was given a Historical Chinese twist to appear in Portal Three Kingdoms.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Night Soil
Masters Edition 2 uncommon. At 1999 Pro Tour–Rome, while everyone else was playing powerful combos based on Tolarian Academy, Fluctuator, High Tide, and Lion's Eye Diamond, Alan Comer brought a deck that ran four Enlightened Tutors and a large stack of powerful-but-specific enchantments like Night Soil.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Bounty of the Hunt
Masters Edition 2 rare. Thanks to a quirk in the targeting rules, Bounty of the Hunt originally used +1/+1 counters that got removed at the end of the turn. These days, it just gives creatures +1/+1 "until end of turn".
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Masters Edition 2 common. Thermokarst was a key card in "Legion Land Loss", an Extended deck that relied on monogreen land destruction, fast mana, and (in common with many other decks of the time), Masticore.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Jester's Mask
Masters Edition 2 rare. Jester's Mask and Jester's Cap were the first two cards to let a player look through an opponent's deck. This "jester" ability later made it onto many more cards.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

Swords to Plowshares
Masters Edition 2 uncommon. While the original art for Swords to Plowshares just showed a man in a field (presumably he had turned his sword into a plowshare already), the Ice Age art showed a sword in the act of being transformed.
Masters Edition 2 is coming to Magic Online!

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