Card of the Day - September, 2010

Posted in Feature on September 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Argent Sphinx
Argent SphinxScars of Mirrodin rare. From the Scars of Mirrodin FAQ: "If you control an Argent Sphinx owned by another player and activate its ability, Argent Sphinx will return to the battlefield under your control at the beginning of the next end step. You'll retain control of it indefinitely."

Echo Circlet
Echo CircletScars of Mirrodin common. From the Scars of Mirrodin FAQ: "Echo Circlet's effect is cumulative. If it equips a creature that can already block an additional creature, now it can block three creatures. The same is true if two Echo Circlets equip the same creature, for example."

Flesh Allergy
Flesh AllergyScars of Mirrodin uncommon. From the Scars of Mirrodin FAQ: "Flesh Allergy counts each creature put into a graveyard from the battlefield that turn, including token creatures, the creature sacrificed to cast the spell, and the targeted creature (if it is destroyed)."

Glint Hawk Idol
Glint Hawk IdolScars of Mirrodin common. From the Scars of Mirrodin FAQ: "The creature type "Bird" was inadvertently omitted from each of Glint Hawk Idol's abilities. It has received errata to correct this omission; when either of its abilities resolves, it will become a Bird artifact creature."

To Arms!
To Arms!Guildpact uncommon. To Arms! is contained in the card names Call to Arms and Farewell to Arms, except for the exclamation point. Those things make all the difference!

Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar
Tomorrow, Azami's FamiliarBetrayers of Kamigawa rare. Azami, Lady of Scrolls is the head librarian of the largest library on Kamigawa. So it makes sense that her familiar has an ability reminiscent of Sylvan Library.

Incoming!" Unglued rare. The boot prints in the text box for Incoming! were left there by the person standing in the art. When he saw how many enemies he'd be facing, he naturally ran away.

Mirrodin's Core
Mirrodin's CoreDarksteel uncommon. Want to see more of Mirrodin's Core? Check out this Arcana from 2004, which shows the core of Mirrodin as portrayed in the Mirrodin Style Guide.

Scars of the Veteran
Scars of the VeteranAlliances uncommon. Although its original physical printing appeared in 1996 in Alliances, Scars of the Veteran showed up in the Coldsnap preconstructed deck Kjeldoran Cunning in 2006 and in Masters Edition II in 2008.

Helix Pinnacle
Helix PinnacleEventide rare. Although it's not in the actual rules, it seems logical that the "100 or more tower counters" really ought to be stacked up in an imposing and rickety tower themselves, doesn't it?

Zur the Enchanter
Zur the EnchanterColdsnap rare. Zur appeared in flavor text in Ice Age and had a group of followers (called Zuran Enchanters), but he's probably most famous for inventing the Zuran Orb.

DecimateOdyssey rare. From the Gatherer rulings: You no longer need four distinct targets for Decimate. If the spell or ability uses the word target in multiple places, the same object or player can be chosen once for each instance of the word "target." For example, you could choose Tree of Tales for both the artifact and the land. You still need an enchantment and a creature to target.

BlastodermNemesis common. In Planar Chaos, Blastoderm was color-shifted into white and appeared as Calciderm. It looked a little different from most color-shifted cards, because "fading 3" was changed to the nearly-identical "vanishing 4". (How are they different? Well, Calciderm has an extra turn where proliferate could happen...)

BloodscentMirrodin uncommon. Bloodscent is a lot like the Portal card Alluring Scent, except that it costs instead of , and it's an instant. Are you wondering when you'd need to use this ability as an instant? One word: Multiplayer!

FearTenth Edition common. When the ability "cannot be blocked by any creatures other than artifact creatures and black creatures" got named "fear," it created a self-referential card. It worked the other way with Lifelink, which became a keyword and then a card.

River of Tears
River of TearsFuture Sight rare. Because the "future-shifted" cards in Future Sight came from many possible futures, there was no need to make perfectly symmetrical cycles. So there were five types of dual land, of which only one has been so far been reprinted.

Kentaro, the Smiling Cat
Kentaro, the Smiling CatBetrayers of Kamigawa rare. The entire Kamigawa block is full of Legends. And legends. By that, we mean to say that most of the Legendary cards have legends about them. Look, here's a story about Kentaro, okay?

Solemn Simulacrum
Solemn SimulacrumMirrodin rare. When Jens Thoren won the 2002 Magic Invitational, the card he designed as his prize was just like its final version. Except that it was called "Forestfolk" ... and it cost . Yeah, R&D made it a bit better.

Korlash, Heir to Blackblade
Korlash, Heir to BlackbladeFuture Sight rare. Most of our wallpapers are based on cards' regular art. But when we did wallpaper based on Korlash, we used the alternate Prerelease card art.

Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of Evil
Infernal Spawn of Infernal Spawn of EvilUnhinged rare. The original Infernal Spawn of Evil in Unglued had the creature type "Demon" crossed out and "Beast" added in, a reference to Magic's policy at the time against having demons. By the time Unhinged came out, that policy was history, so the Infernal Spawn's Infernal Spawn had "Beast" replaced by "Demon".

Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII
Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VIITime Spiral rare. The first six volumes of Sarpadian Empires are told via the flavor text in Fallen Empires. For a complete compilation of the story, check out this Arcana!

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