Carlos Romao, 2002 World Champ

Posted in Feature on October 15, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Carlos Romão's Blue-Black Psychatog

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The first Pro Tour champion to hail from the continent of South America, Brazilian Carlos Romao took the top title in 2002. His Psychatog deck was a solid build for the day, but his true innovation in the deck was the manner in which he played it. Instead of focusing his countermagic on his opponent's card draw, as most players of the day did, he allowed them to draw all the additional cards they wanted and sent all his counters at the few threats the Psychatog deck played. The strategy paid off, and Romao helped pave the way for countryman like Willy Edel and Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa to follow him to Pro Tour fame and glory.

You can try to follow in Carlos' shoes too, by qualifying for the 2008 World Championships, to be held in Memphis, Tennessee December 11-14. How? By participating in the Last Chance Qualifier tournaments being held on Magic Online! The events feature Standard and Limited formats and run from Wednesday, October 15 through Thursday, October 16. For more information, check out the official announcement here.

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