Cat Breath of the Infinite

Posted in Feature on July 12, 2012

By Conley Woods

Over the past few months, casual Magic crowds have acquired quite the slew of talented writers and content producers focusing on the formats they know and love. From Cube to Commander, Pauper to Type 4, more literature and content is out there today for even the most obscure of formats than has ever been the case. While this new class of casual writers are doing great things for the game, Bennie Smith has been perfecting the craft since I can remember!

While Bennie's topics of choice have changed over the years, with Commander at an all-time high in popularity, it would make sense that he would focus on just that. This week, Bennie decided to focus on a very specific combo he found and incorporate the other ninety-eight cards around it. So what combo could Bennie possibly have discovered to be worth that dedication? Breath of Fury and Nacatl War-Pride of course!

Breath of Fury on your Nacatl War-Pride, so long as you have established a way to make sure your Aura-wielder can connect, should result in enough attacks to kill all of your opponents' creatures and all of your opponents! Bennie goes through the steps he took to make sure your opponents actually do have creatures in play to trigger the War-Pride, as well as all of the ways to assemble and then protect the combo in the first place. Be sure to check out the full article, where Bennie delivers plenty of Cat Breath. Some might even say an infinite amount!

Bennie Smith's Cat Breath Of The Infinite

100 Cards

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