Chad Meyer, State Champ

Posted in Feature on October 16, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Chad Meyer's Skred Red

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The State Championships are again on the horizon and in honor of those events and an exciting new product announcement we're looking back at a former champion. When Lorwyn was first released, planeswalkers had never been seen before and much of the deckbuilding community wasn't quite sure what to think about them. Chad Meyer wasted no time jumping right into utilizing Chandra Nalaar to take the top slot at the 2007 Nebraska State Championships. His mono-red control deck, affectionately called "Skred Red," kept his opponent's table clear of creatures with burn spells long enough to allow him to Chandra or Stuffy Doll/Skred his opponent for the win.

For more information on this year's State Championships, visit this link. For exciting news about Chandra Nalaar, including how you can get a special edition version of the planeswalker, make sure to check out today's Magic Arcana and visit this product page. (And don't forget, you still have one day left to qualify for the World Championships in the Last Chance Qualifier tournaments being held on Magic Online!)

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