Championship Sneak and Show

Posted in Feature on August 24, 2012

By Conley Woods

Gen Con, for those who have not been before, is quite the ordeal. Thousands of people gather to celebrate the common thread among us all—gaming. The entire convention center can be quite daunting, but even just the Magic section is packed to the brim with eager and excited mages, slinging spells and cracking packs. Each year at Gen Con, both the Vintage World Championships and Legacy World Championships are held, capping off a huge four days of everything Magic you can think of.

Sneak Attack

This year, as far as Legacy is concerned, Chris Bergeson walked away with the format's highest honor with his take on the popular archetype "Sneak and Show." With a card pool as large as Legacy, it would make sense that there are a number of giant creatures with giant abilities, and plenty of ways to sneak those giant creatures into play without paying the prohibitive mana costs. Reanimate and Natural Order are some popular strategies, but Sneak and Show is a deck that actually wants to draw its large creatures.

Both Sneak Attack and Show and Tell let you put creatures into play from your hand for discounted prices. Yes, the downsides of sacrificing the creature at the end of turn or letting your opponent piggyback this process both do exist, but with such a powerful effect it is easy to ignore those downsides. Both Emrakul and Griselbrand only need a single attack step or less to have an impact in any way, allowing the deck to perform crazy openings.

Ancient Tomb into Lotus Petal plus Show and Tell is an opening hand that is not actually all that rare, putting Sneak and Show into the upper tier of powerful things to do in Legacy. Generally, critics of the archetype say it is too inconsistent, but with cards like Brainstorm and Intuition fueling the deck, Chris was able to avoid any inconsistency issues and coast his way to a trophy and the title of Legacy Champion for the remainder of the year!

Chris Bergeson's Sneak and Show

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