Change On The Horizon

Posted in Feature on September 13, 2006

By Scott Johns

Winds_of_ChangeBy now most people know that back in July ("Taking You To The Beginning, At Last") the columnist I was talking about losing was Anthony Alongi. Anthony has been with since it first opened its doors back in 2002. Anthony is easily one of the most iconic multiplayer writers in Magic, with a history that goes back well before his impressive stint with Wizards. Anthony has done an outstanding job for us and I'm going to miss him greatly. That said, I'm very happy with the replacement we've got lined up. Starting September 26, I'm pleased to announce that The Ferrett will be taking over the Serious Fun mantle. What will he do with the column? I have no idea. But I can't wait to find out. (If you somehow don't know who The Ferrett is, get comfy and have fun reading through some of his archive over at Star City Games.)

Another change coming this month is that our current editor, Ted Knutson, will have his final day with us on Friday, September 29. The job he's been doing for us is a lot more behind-the-scenes than other work he's done, and editing a site like can be a tremendously thankless task, but I can tell you that he's been responsible for a number of good changes at the site. Ted's a very hard worker and knows this game, its history, and its community as well as anyone I could possibly name. He's been a great help on many different aspects of the site, and I will miss having him on the team.

That position has now been reclassified to focus more on copy editing, and I am happy to announce that Kelly Digges will be joining us in that capacity starting the first week of October. Kelly was an editor with a publishing company (the same company Brady Dommermuth came from, coincidentally) and has also been helping our Organized Play producer Greg Collins recently, providing on-site editing for the coverage team. Kelly has also done some great writing over at Star City. (If you aren't familiar with his work, you can find his archive here.) So, come October, Kelly will be taking over all the copy editing duties of the site, as well as continuing in his editing role at Pro Tour events.

Ted will also be stepping down from the Magic Academy column, with his final article publishing on Saturday, September 30. Beginner's columns have one of the toughest hills to climb of all Magic content imaginable, and the web is littered with beginner columns that didn't work out. Despite that challenge, Ted's Magic Academy has enjoyed very strong traffic. Even more important, nearly every response I've had from any reader in that target audience has been positive. Even just nine articles in, now has a great starting point for newer readers and players, and a lot of people are reading it! Given how challenging a column like this is, Ted deserves a lot of credit for managing to get Magic Academy up and running with such a great start.

Once October comes around Ted will still be doing event coverage and I hope we'll be able to find other ways to feature him on the site as well. For now I hope you'll take a moment to post a kind word for him on the message boards, and also to welcome Kelly and Ferrett.

The Past Is Near

We're just about halfway through the Time Spiral previews, and we've got a lot of great cards still on the way. Judging by reaction on the boards and other sites, players are starting to see why I said this would be one of those sets that goes down in Magic's history as a monumental event. To get the full experience, the best advice I can give you is to play in the Time Spiral prerelease events coming September 23rd and 24th. I can say with some authority that this set will surprise you in ways no other set has in Magic's history.

And who knows. If you do go, maybe you'll get to open this little number.

Time Spiral art by Greg Hilldebrandt

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