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Posted in Feature on October 4, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Chess-themed deck: Black Pieces

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Chess-themed deck: White Pieces

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Enchantment (2)
2 Castle
Land (16)
16 Plains
32 Cards

It is one of the world's oldest games, and even the people behind Magic: The Gathering, like Richard Garfield, have been impacted by it. The game? Chess, of course! Daily Decks pays homage to the legendary creation with two mini-decks reimagining it through the Magic lens. For black you have a front row filled with Pawn of Ulamog, two Castle Sengir appearing as rooks, (Black) Knights, and Priest of Gix serving as bishop (in time the Priest will be bishop, right?). Of course, Coffin Queen and Lord of the Undead are serving as queen and king, respectively.

Now on to the white half of the chess set! While white in Magic doesn't have pawns, per se, Eager Cadets will no doubt be happy to en passant themselves to grand position. Castle is, of course, a solid stand in for rooks, the bishop is represented by Preacher, and you have your White Knight. King Suleiman and Jhovall Queen represent, well, that should be obvious. So, agree? Disagree? Share how YOU would have built these decks in the forums, or even try them out in the real world!

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