City Championships Fact Sheet

Posted in Feature on November 21, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

The DCI presents the 2008 City Championships, the newest path on the Road to Worlds!

City Champs Qualifiers

City Champs stores are assigned to a City for the 2008 season. A store's City Champs Qualifiers and Finals feed the Championship for that City.

City Championships Finals Information
The Finals for the 2008 season take place April 12. Click here for a full list of locations and contact information, and click here for a list of players invited to each City Championship Final.
City Champs Qualifiers run in stores from November 1, 2007 through February 29, 2008. These tournaments are 8K with a regular REL. Each City Champs store runs two Qualifiers per month, one Standard format and one Limited (either Sealed or Booster Draft).
  • Complete List of Participating Stores
  • Players participate in Qualifiers to earn points toward their City Champs Store Ranking. Store Rankings are based on Qualifier finish order, according to the chart below. Each store has its own Ranking, adding the points from only the Qualifiers within that store. Players may compete in as many stores as they wish and will earn points in the Rankings for each store separately.

      1st 6
      2nd 4
      3rd-4th 2
      5th-Xth 1

    The top 8 players in the Store Ranking at the end of the season are invited to that store's City Champs Store Finals!

    City Champs Store Finals

    Each store that successfully runs and reports a minimum of four City Champs Qualifiers will hold a Store Finals in March 2008.

    The top 8 from the Store Rankings are invited to that store's Finals. Ties are broken by the highest number of first-place finishes, then second-place, etc. until the tie is broken. Absolute ties are broken by the highest-place finish in the first Qualifier event of the season one of the tied players played in. If any of the top 8 do not show up for the Store Finals, then their invites pass down to the 9th-ranked player, then 10th, etc. until 8 players are available.

    The Store Finals are Standard Format, 16K and a regular REL, with one display of the most recent expansion for prizes. The Store Finals have no entry fee.

    The top two players from the Store Finals receive invitations to their 2008 City Championship!

    Once a player has received an invitation to a City Championship, that player may not play in further City Champs Store Finals feeding that City Championship.

    City Championships

    All City Championships take place on April 12, 2008. They will be hosted at a store selected by Wizards within that region. The City Championships are 24K with a competitive REL and are Standard format. There is no entry fee for participating in a City Championship.

    Addional information:

    • City Championship events may not start earlier than 10AM (local time).
    • All City Championships must start no later than 30 minutes after the announced start time.
    • Players that arrive more than 15 minutes after the start of first round begins may NOT partcipate.
    • Deck lists are required.
    • The number of rounds are based on attendance:
      • 8 players: 3 rounds Swiss with cut to top 4 single-elimination
      • 9 - 16 players: 4 rounds Swiss with cut to top 8 single-elimination
      • 17 - 32 players: 5 rounds Swiss with cut to top 8 single-elimination
      • 33 - 64 players: 6 rounds Swiss with cut to top 8 single-elimination
    • Swiss rounds are 50 minutes
    • Single-elimination rounds are untimed

    All City Championships offer the prize payout listed below, along with product prizes:

    Place in Final Standings at City Championship

      N: Invitation to the 2008 US or Canada National Championship
      1B: First-round Bye for 2008 Regional Championship
      2B: Second-round Bye for 2008 Regional Championship

    If you have any other questions, please see the Customer Service website at

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