Clique, Clique, Pull

Posted in Feature on October 31, 2012

By Conley Woods

All this week it has been (and will continue to be) Azorius Week here at, and I figured it was about time we got involved as well! With Return to Ravnica, new metagames have developed in both Standard and Modern, and even Legacy has felt a little bit of the impact. Naturally, with Azorius being oneof the five guilds of Return to Ravnica, it has begun to flourish in Constructed. While we will be moving over to Standard tomorrow, today I wanted to take a look at what the Azorius Guild can bring to a format like Modern.

Vendilion Clique

Eduardo Sajgalik managed to pull off an amazing Top 8 finish in Pro Tour Return to Ravnica with the following take on Azorius. He was likely just a Vendillion Clique trigger away from making it all the way to the finals as well! Much like any deck sporting Restoration Angel, Eduardo's list has a heavy focus on enters-the-battlefield triggers. Kitchen Finks, Snapcaster Mage, and Vendilion Clique are no strangers to high-level play and they are clearly making their presence felt in Modern. Joining them is oneof the best three-drops to every see print in Geist of Saint Traft. With sweepers less of an emphasis in Modern than in Standard, he gets to live extra long with an Angel or two protecting him. And a six-pack of creature lands helps to keep the deck applying pressure even when it doesn't draw creatures.

But white-blue is usually not noted for its creatures. While that has shifted over the past few years, Modern contains cards more than a few years old, so you can and should expect quite a few powerful spells as well. Eduardo brought awesome spells in just about every category needed. Path to Exile remains oneof the most powerful removal spells in the format, with Dismember joining it. Mana Leak, Spell Snare, and Cryptic Command reward the deck for passing with open mana, which is something it wants to be doing anyway thanks to Restoration Angel, Snapcaster mage, and Clique. A fairly straightforward, but also powerful, strategy makes this a solid choice for any upcoming Modern events, such as Grand Prix Chicago!

Eduardo Sajgalik's Azorius Midrange

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