Community Spotlight: 1/15/2009

Posted in Feature on January 15, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

January 9-10: Open Series: Dallas / Fort Worth

Last weekend, Star City Games had another installment of their Open Series, this time in Dallas / Fort Worth. Specifically, it was in Fort Worth.

They had two big tournaments: a 332-person Standard event on Saturday, and a 117-person Legacy event on Sunday. Both events had a fourteen-year-old Finalist, which seems like it has to be a first of some kind.

The Standard event was won by Eric Palmerduca (one of the above-mentioned fourteen-year-olds) with this Vampires deck:

Eric Palmerduca

Download Arena Decklist

The Finals of the Legacy tournament were marred by controversy, but the winner was Tom Ross, with this Zoo deck:

Tom Ross

Download Arena Decklist

For more information, check out Star City's complete coverage, or wallow in the live video coverage provided by (which is going to get its own Community Spotlight one of these days).

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