Community Spotlight: 1/8/2009

Posted in Feature on January 8, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to the new Community Spotlight! This space has been filled by This Week in Magic History for just under a year, and that means that if we don't change it up, we'll have to start repeating ourselves. So from now on, we'll be taking a look at interesting conversations, discussions, and debates in various parts of the Magic community. Here we go!

December 26: Star City Games Forum

In the discussion thread for one of Pat Chapin's articles, an interesting discussion arose on what Pro Players expect out of Wizards of the Coast. Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa kicked things off:

I agree with you that 2009 was a great year for magic, however... that doesn't look like it reflects on us at all. So, wizards is making infinite money - sales are big, attendances are big, modo ptqs are ridiculous profit - but what is changing for the players? Are we getting more events? Are we at least getting back the events they cut? are we getting more prizes?

Basically, when magic wasnt doing very well, we paid the price - we lost an entire pro tour, we lost the invitational, we lost the players lounge with food, etc. Now that magic IS doing well, what are we getting?

Chapin responded with the other side of the question: what does Wizards of the Coast expect out of Pro Players?

In addition, think about how many "Pros" just show up to events without ever saying anything to anyone? Obviously that is easy for me to say since I speak English, but there are actually a lot of "Pros" that go around playing in tournaments thinking their very presence is going to be the positive impact that the game needs, rather than getting involved with the other members of the community. You are active on these boards and other places so you might not realize how many Pros don't talk to amateurs.

In addition you might not realize how many Pros just complain about how things they feel they are entitled to get taken from them without stopping to consider that they are only worth to WotC what they are worth. A lot of people respond to this realization by playing Magic less, not trying to make it as a Pro, or just whining and hoping that this helps things. Others respond to this by doing everything they can for the game, for the culture, trusting that the rest will work itself.

From there, the discussion took off, featuring input from Brian Kowal, Stephen Menendian, Brian Kibler, Ben Bleiweiss, Bennie Smith, Kyle Sanchez, Worth Wollpert, and of course, plenty more from Paulo and Pat.

As a side note, the article that thread was discussing was a subscriber-only piece in which Pat Chapin talked about Magic and the Pro Tour without ever using the letter "e". Fancy!

Have you seen an interesting Magic discussion somewhere? Let us know at @dailymtg or post in our own forums (the "Discuss on the message boards" link below will help) and maybe we'll feature it on Community Spotlight!

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