Community Spotlight: Podcasts

Posted in Feature on February 12, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Since you're here, we can assume that you enjoy reading words written about Magic. But what about listening? Have you ever tried that? It's pretty relaxing, and it leaves your eyes free for other tasks. And one of the best ways to listen to people talking about Magic is to listen to a Magic podcast!

If you want to listen to a lot of podcasts, the place to go is MTGCast, which has about forty on offer. We're not going to try to compete with their list here. We're just hitting a few highlights.

  • Monday Night Magic
    • When we asked for podcast recommendations on @dailymtg, Monday Night Magic was the runaway favorite. They review the news of the week in Magic, and they're approved by our Twitter followers.
  • Limited Resources
    • Marshall and Ryan host the most popular limited-focused podcast. The focus is on strategy and general Spikiness.
  • The Mana Pool
    • Brian, Mike, Dirk, and Chewie focus on fun and multiplayer and prereleases and fun.
  • Top 8 Magic
    • Mike Flores and Brian David-Marshall don't just write for us, you know. Sometimes they do podcasts! And in those podcasts, they're sometimes joined by Will Price.
  • Judgecast
    • This is a fairly new podcast aimed at judges, hosted by Riki Hayashi and Sean Catanese. It's part of ManaNation's offerings.
  • Protection from Noob
    • This brand new podcast emanates from the UK and is hosted by Lennox and Josh.
  • Yo! MTG Taps
    • That is an awesome name for a podcast.
  • Event Coverage Podcasts
    • We couldn't leave out our own podcast. Rich Hagon reports from multiple premier events around the globe.

Video Podcasts

  • The Magic Show
    • Evan Erwin's videos are very popular and widely viewed. He even went to the 2007 Magic Invitational on the strength of The Magic Show.
  • Magic TV
    • Luis Scott-Vargas sits down with guests in the "Magic TV" weekly series.
  • ManaNation
    • Trick Jarrett of ManaNation hosts this weekly look at things in the world of Magic. To be honest with you, we're running out of ways to say "this is a Magic podcast."

Have you seen an interesting Magic discussion somewhere? Let us know at @dailymtg or post in our own forums (the "Discuss on the message boards" link below will help) and maybe we'll feature it on Community Spotlight!

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