Crashing Nationals

Posted in Feature on July 23, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

It's National Championship season, and those of you who qualified for your respective countries' Nationals events no doubt busy prepping your decks and strategies (if, like most of them, it's still to come), or maybe even, depending on when you read this, battling it out for your country's Nationals title right now (in which case you should really focus on the game).

But what about those of you who aren't qualified for Nationals? Planning on staying home?

In an article over at, the UK's Dan Barrett laid out a pretty compelling argument that the answer is "Go anyway!"

Dan draws his examples from UK and US Nationals, but no matter where you live, if your Nationals is coming up, this is worth a read. Dan lays out fifteen reasons why you—yes, you!—should go to Nationals whether you're qualified or not, from Last Chance Qualifiers ....

Some prizes, no amount of money can buy, like the fabled "blue envelope" containing a Pro Tour invite and flight ticket, or a set of three byes to a GPT of your choice. Such things have to be earned, and there are ample opportunities to do so at all Nationals.

... to multiplayer events ...

As we're now in the "Summer of Multiplayer", events for 3 plus players will be offered in abundance, from 4 player EDH pick-ups to last-man-standing Grand Melees. Now that there are two excellent officially supported multiplayer expansions to the game, Planechase and Archenemy, expect to see good support for these as well – with exclusive "Summer of Multiplayer" playmats for participants in the US!

... and more! Check out Dan's article, and consult this handy table to find your local Nationals event.

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