The Dark Side of Green

Posted in Feature on December 11, 2012

By Conley Woods

Recently, Black-Red Zombies has been on a rampage. Winning Grand Prix events as well as smaller independent tournaments in somewhat of a flurry has made people check out the undead a little more. The debate used to be between Black-Green Zombies and Black-Red Zombies, but Black-Red has grown up so much now that said debate seems to have been settled.

Predator Ooze

But Golgari might have a few other tricks up its sleeve.

Just ask Lukas Carlson, who played a Golgari list in one of the TCGPlayer MaxPoint grinders to a favorable result. Lukas's big innovation was actually to move away from the undead half of the spectrum that had already lost its battle the red half and instead focus on the Forests. Sure, Lotleth Troll and some removal stuck around from the Zombies version, but most of the deck is something else entirely.

Gone are the days of trying to find a third black mana for your Geralf's Messenger. Instead, we have Predator Ooze taking the wheel. With green as the base color, Arbor Elf allows you to make big plays earlier and Strangleroot Geist actually gives you a two-drop worth mentioning. Rancor is still extremely powerful and is a big incentive to go green. Try loosening up on the black a bit and give Golgari another spin!

Lukas Carlson's Golgari Aggro

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