Day 1 Deck Breakdown

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By Wizards of the Coast

On Day One of Pro Tour-New York 1999-2000, the most popular deck was no surprise: Rebels ruled the day.

Out of 310 decks, 133 were Rebel-based, making up 43% of the field. Another twelve were best described as U/W Control - even though they weren't Rebel-based, many of them played at least some Rebels.

The second-most popular deck category was Black Control, which combined powerful Mercenaries like Silent Assassin with powerful creature-kill like Massacre and Snuff Out. 29 Black Control decks showed up.

Immediately after Black Control came the Rising Waters deck, appearing 26 times. Another brand of Blue-based control, U/B Control, represented itself in 12 decks.

Pirates were also popular, with Rishadan Footpad and Rishadan Brigand carrying 11 pure Pirate decks. There were also 8 blue-red LD Pirate decks, which added Stone Rains, Tectonic Breaks, and Ancient Hydras.

Another popular deck was the Natural Affinity/Death Pit Offering decks. Some versions played Spidersilk Armor to work better with Massacre; some didn't. There were 17 in total.

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