Deadguy Red

Posted in Feature on February 13, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Dave Price's Deadguy Red

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Earlier this week Daily Decks featured a Highlander/Singleton list commemorating the Game in the Gulf, a cruise with a Magic theme. But it wasn't the first time Magic has played host to a large event on a ship. During the early years of the Pro Tour, "the Boat" was the beloved location of numerous Pro Tours. The Queen Mary was an actual ship-turned-convention center that saw some of the Pro Tour's most formative years played out within its walls (er...rails?). Perhaps the most famous winner on board was David Price. He played his version of Deadguy Red to the top finish in 1997 with an aggro red deck that would define him as a pro player and change the way players looked at the game forever.

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