Deadguy Red

Posted in Feature on June 10, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Dave Price's Deadguy Red

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The modern red deck wouldn't be what it is today without Dave Price's innovative take on the aggressive strategy. In the late 90's, a deck called "Sligh" had come into existence to counter the pump-Knight weenie decks of the era (featuring cards like Knight of Stromgald in the black versions and Order of the White Shield in white). Price, known as "The King of Beatdown" and "The King of Qualifiers" for his propensity for playing beatdown decks and for manually qualifying the first dozen+ of his Pro Tour appearances, offered a new spin on the deck with a hyper aggressive strategy that was soon dominating U.S. Nationals. The effect of Dave's deck is still felt to this day, whenever a player drops a Mountain and says "Shock you!"

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