Deckmasters 2001

Posted in Feature on August 12, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast


Collector's Highlights

The Deckmasters Garfield vs. Finkel boxed set comes with two 62-card prebuilt decks, each featuring two exclusive premium cards plus other white bordered Ice Age and Alliances cards. The set includes four exclusive black-bordered premium cards:

  • Icy Manipulator
  • Incinerate
  • Lhurgoyf
  • Necropotence

Game Features

In addition to the two 62 card prebuilt decks, you also receive:

  • Two 20-sided Spindown life counters, with the Deckmasters symbol in place of the 20.
  • A 10-by-14 inch poster of Lhurgoyf fighting Goblin Mutant
  • A full-color booklet containing decklists, expert analysis, biographies, behind-the-scenes stories, and more
  • Plus, you can use the sturdy, embossed metal Deckmasters case as a card box: it can hold over 700 cards in standard sized sleeves or eleven 60 card decks

Download and watch exclusive coverage of the Garfield vs. Finkel deckmasters match held at PT San Diego.

Theme Decks

The Creator vs. The Champion

The Magic: The Gathering - Deckmasters box set showcases the ultimate battle of wits. Richard Garfield, the legendary creator of Magic, faces off against Jon Finkel, a Magic World Champion and legend in the making. Which one is smarter? Which one is sneakier? Which one will win? Play the decks they personally designed - decks specifically built to beat the stuffing out of each other - and decide for yourself.

Two volitile decks, constructed by two explosive players. Get the message? Play with them. Learn from them. Hold the stuff of greatness in your hands.

Deckmasters. The Ultimate battle. Over and Over again.

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