Decks of the Week: 3/22/2013

Posted in Feature on March 22, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

Nathan Holiday showed us that, as when making omelets, to win a Modern tournament you've got to break a few Eggs. Meanwhile, in Europe, a trio of Swedes rose to the top of a Team Limited tournament by… beating another team of Swedes. Congratulations go to Nathan for his victory at Grand Prix San Diego and to Jonathan Bergström, Tomas Westling, and Fredrik Carlsson for defeating their countrymen to win Grand Prix Utrecht. Going back to Modern, that's the format for this season's PTQs to get you into Pro Tour Dragon's Maze! Check out recent PTQ results to get an idea of the Modern metagame and find a PTQ near you with this handy link! Good luck; have fun!

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