Devotion to Mogis

Posted in Feature on April 16, 2014

By Gerry Thompson

Even though there is no Mogis in this decklist, I think it would do Mogis proud. On one hand, we've got the pure aggression that red is famous for, although this red deck goes a little larger than most. On the other hand, we've got black's disruption in the form of Duress, Slaughter Games, and Rakdos's Return, with some removal thrown in for spice.

Fanatic of Mogis

So why is this a winning recipe? Red devotion decks have seen success ever since Pro Tour Theros, even if it's only been the third- or fourth-best devotion deck. Fanatic of Mogis goes a long way in closing games, especially if you've got a Hammer of Purphoros in play to give it haste and provide a steady stream of threats.

Clearly, Supreme Verdict is an issue, which is why Duress is in the sideboard. It also gives you a fighting chance against burn-based red decks, which are often faster. The black splash also gives you Ultimate Price for fighting Desecration Demon; Polukranos, World Eater; and opposing Stormbreath Dragons. While its slot used to be occupied by the slightly more efficient Chained to the Rocks, Ultimate Price has the upside of not being able to be Abrupt Decayed.

We've seen all flavors of devotion decks with nearly all flavors of splashes to boot, but this one looks like a winning combination. It fixes its problems with the splash, as any good splash should do, but still maintains its aggressive stance and consistency.

Xsarq's BR

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