Did Man Evolve From Apes? I Know I Haven’t

Posted in Feature on September 9, 2005

By Brian Rogers

A long, long time ago, I used to have a Magic: The Gathering® deck I carried around with me in my back pocket. I took it everywhere with me. I would go to class and in my back pocket was my Magic deck. Hanging out at the mall, I had my Magic deck. “Time for work, don’t forget to take your deck.” I took it everywhere.

As you can imagine, this deck got pretty beat up. Some of the cards were folded in half, some had holes in them (put there part on purpose, part by time). New cards would go into the deck when new expansion sets came out, but before they were added they were artificially aged so they would blend in with the rest of the cards.

This deck was made up of commons that I had accumulated over the years. It was pretty good too. Back then, it was just the kind of deck you could throw together with some extra cards. I would like to share the contents of this deck with you (as best as I can remember them).

Brian’s “Is That a Monkey In Your Pocket Deck, Circa 1996/1997”

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I hadn’t thought about that old deck for a long time. It has been lost over the years (it has to be somewhere in this mess), but it was the first thing I thought of when I found out that the new Friday Night Magic promo card the DCI® is giving away for September is Kird Ape!

My old deck only used a couple of green cards, but Forests played a vital role. A second-turn Forest was as good as playing a Holy Strength on a Kird Ape that had been played on turn 1. I have a lot of great memories of pulling this deck out of my pocket and playing someone in a quick pickup game.

Now you have a chance to relive some of the fun I had by playing Kird Apes in a Standard deck. I have confidence that even with some of the less potent burn spells around today, you can still build a decent deck that drops an ape and swings away for the win.

If you are new to Friday Night Magic (FNM), then here is what you are going to need to know. FNM uses Standard deck construction, so you can use Ninth Edition, Mirrodin®, Darksteel™, Fifth Dawn™, Champions of Kamigawa™, Betrayers of Kamigawa™, and Saviors of Kamigawa™, or it could be Sealed Deck or Booster Draft. All FNM events are run at Rules Enforcement Level (REL) 1, which is a more relaxed set of rules designed to maintain a serious level of play while not penalizing players for making errors due to inexperience. This helps to make FNM an excellent way for you to integrate yourself into the tournament scene.

As you know, in order to play in an FNM tournament, you will need a DCI number. If you don’t have one already, the tournament organizer should have one for you. Membership is free, and once you have a number you can even start getting more cool stuff via Magic Player Rewards. Since you are all in MPR, please be sure to pass this along to new friends as well.

To find out more about Friday Night Magic, like where there is a store near you, check out the Wizards of the Coast website, or just type in www.Magicthegathering.com. Then just get your best deck ready and show up on Friday night prepared to duel!

Here is a modernized version of the deck I used to carry around with me. You will probably want to tweak it to make it a little better before you play it in an FNM tournament. I tried to stick to using all commons and uncommons; that way if I carry mine around in my back pocket again, I won’t ruin all my cool rare cards. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to use your special FNM foil Kird Apes this way either.

Brian’s “Is That a Monkey In Your Pocket Deck, 2005”

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Good luck when you make it to your FNM tournament! Remember, FNM is for fun, and even if you don’t win, you still have a chance to get a special foil Kird Ape. At each tournament, two cards are given out randomly to players that didn’t finish at the top!

I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my personal Magic history. I think I may have to start carrying a deck around with me again. If you see me at a tournament, or at the mall, or even at work, feel free to challenge me—my deck will be at the ready, even if it’s a little worse for wear.

Brian started playing Magic in spring 1994 (when you could still buy Antiquities boosters!) After becoming a DCI Judge in 1999, he has judged numerous Grand Prix, PTQs, local events, and even a couple of Pro Tours. He joined the Wizards of the Coast Delegate program in June 2004 and in what free time he has left after judging, delegating, and playing will be a contributing writer for the MPR newsletter.

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