Die Hard: To a Vengeance

Posted in Feature on July 16, 2012

By Conley Woods

We have had quite the invasion of white-black token strategies over the past few weeks here on Daily Decks, but today we are going to see that that is not the only thing white-black can pull off. Ever since the Delver decks evolved as a result of Restoration Angel, control is finding out that it does not just have to assume the typical blue-black form it had been. Over the past few months, decks like Esper Planeswalkers, Solar Flare, and even Bant Control have risen up from time to time. But White-Black Control?

Rinazina decided it was the deck to pilot in a recent Standard Premier event on Magic Online. The deck has a base game plan of smoothing out its draws and mana through a slew of artifacts. From accelerants to cantrips, the artifacts in here really do make the deck. Along the way, the white-black pilot gets to unload an arsenal of removal, from the traditional spot variety to big sweepers like Terminus. But the deck's endgame is really what sets it apart.

Ultimately, the deck looks to clear the way for the big one-two punch of both Sorin and his Vengeance!

Those two spell an immediate victory for the one casting the powerful seven-mana sorcery, which is a fine combo to just end a game after total control or win a race against a swarm when you have not drawn your sweepers. This deck incorporates a lot of synergistic cards that have never really gotten their shot in the sun, like Ichor Wellspring and Phyrexia's Core—which have been on the mind of the common deck builder ever since Scars of Mirrodin block! Frank Lepore takes this deck on a journey in video form over on TCGPlayer.com, so head on over and check out a more in-depth exploration of the archetype!

rinazina's White-Black Vengeance Control

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