Double Darkblastin' with Dredge

Posted in Feature on October 13, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

The Ravnica card Darkblast is a subtly tricky card. As the only instant with the Dredge mechanic, it is the only card you can cast, dredge and cast again in the same turn (without help from other effects).


Say there's a 2/2 Boros Guildmage making your life hard. During your upkeep, before you draw your card for the turn, Darkblast it to give it -1/-1. During your draw step, instead of drawing your card for the turn, dredge Darkblast back into your hand. The Boros Guildmage is still 1/1. During your main phase, Darkblast it again and wave bye-bye.

If you have a way to draw multiple cards per turn, a single copy of Darkblast can take down creatures even bigger than 2/2, if you're willing to dredge away hunks of your library!

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