Draft 1: Thomas Preyer. When colors dry up...

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By Pete Norris

Pod One of the draft was not the most impressive pod at this year's worlds, but it was none the less, respectable including names like Chris Benafel, Thomas Preyer and Frank Karsten.

The draft began pretty well for Thomas, opening a Sever Soul, then being passed a second. He made a third pick Blockade Runner, then in booster four took a Bog Smugglers. Boosters 5 and 6 brought him a Legate and a Balloon Peddler, but all the while he was passing solid white cards to Frank Karsten on his left. He took an 8th and 9th pick Cateran Persuader, and at the end of Booster 1, looked fairly happy with the Black/Blue he had drafted. Frank was looking to go Black White after his first pick Enforcer and Edward Fear on his right looked to have some very solid Red and Green cards.

In booster 2 Thomas opened an Ancient Hydra, Flowstone Crusher, Vicious Hunger, and Cloudskate. He realized that he saw no red in booster 1 and decided to take the Hydra from Ed Fear, obviously fearing Ed's deck, and also maybe considering splashing for the red. He gets passed a Spineless Thug a Commando and a Cloudskate, and although he has no searchers he takes the Spineless Thug. He gets passed 3rd pick Dominate and a fourth pick Seal of Fire, obviously now wanting to splash for the red. The good cards dry up and he takes a Spineless Thug and a Flowstone Strike before ending the draft with a late pick Dark Triumph. During all of this he was passing a lot of very good red cards that are 2 red to cast, to Ed Fear. At the end of booster 2 Thomas was Black/Blue splash Red, Edward still fixed in Red/Green and Frank had switched to Red/White.

Booster 3 doesn't contain any broken cards, but Thomas took 2 Fen Stalkers, one of which he took over a Greel, Mind Raker, before passing a Ribbon Snake in favor of a Steal Strength. He took a Coastal Hornclaw, followed by a Spiketail Hatchling to solidify his creature base. He completed his army with 2 Death Charmers and completed the draft with a 13th pick Steal Strength.

The problems that Thomas encountered in the Nemesis booster didn't arise from bad decisions, nor did they arise because Frank was drafting black. The truth of the draft was that there just weren't too many good black cards, leaving Thomas with Expensive removal and no Rathi Intimidators.

Click here to see the deck that Preyer ended up with.

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