Draft 2: Ben Ronaldson

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by Pete

Ben Ronaldson is one of the lesser known members of team European Alliance. A major contributor to the team, Ben took Trinity Green to first place at the English nationals, and is regarded by the team as the most committed and hard working member. In the standard portion, Ben took the Euro Alliances No Hermit deck, to 5-1, and in draft 1 earned a respectable 2-1 beating William Jensen on the way. His draft pod for the second included Jon Finkel, as well as solid draft players Ed Fear and Frank Karsten.

Booster 1, Mercadian Masques

Ben was faced with 3 good white cards in booster 1, but only 1 good red card. Knowing that taking a white card could lead to trouble in the Nemesis booster, he took the Red card and passed Frank Karsten the white. There was no red follow up for his second pick, so Ben was faced with a choice between Squallmonger, Misdirection and Gush. He took the Squallmonger, then proceeded to take Horned Troll, another Irregulars and Blaster mage as picks 3, 4, and 5. The good cards began to dry up, but he did get a Giant Caterpillar to augment his compliment of fat. On his left Frank Karsten had taken a lot of very strong black and white cards and seemed fixed in those colors.

Booster 2, Nemesis

Ben opened 3 great cards, and was again faced with a tough choice. Flowstone Crusher, Seal of Fire and Blinding Angel. Ben had passed a lot of good white cards to the left, so was fairly confident that one of the players to his right would hate draft the Angel before it got to a white player. The Crusher was too expensive since every other creature he'd drafted cost 4 or 5 to cast, so he took the Seal of Fire for a bit of early control. His next 3 picks all filled in his early game slots as 2 Laccolith Grunts and another Seal of Fire came his way. He then took a 5th pick Blastoderm, and yet more fat with a Flowstone Crusher.

Frank meanwhile had hosed the Black and White cards, his deck looking even stronger at the end of booster 2.

Booster 3, Prophecy

There were 4 playable cards in Ben's Prophecy booster, but only 2 of them were on color, a Spitting Spider and a Keldon Berserker. Realizing that his deck was weak against flyers, he took the Spitting Spider. He backed it up with a Living Terrain, and then helped his mana curve by drafting a Rib Cage Spider and a Spur Grappler. He was passed a 5th pick Rhystic Lightning and took 2 late devastated and a Thrive. All in all the cards he drafted are solid beatdown, with some reasonable removal. Frank was able to take yet more removal and some solid white flyers from Prophecy and looked good for a 2-1/3-0 performance.

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