Draft 3: AlphaBetaUnlimited.com vs. Dekiru-Kana?

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By Monty Ashley

Half of the Top 8 from Pro Tour Tokyo was represented in a single feature draft when AlphaBetaUnlimited.com faced Dekiru-Kana?, home of Tokyo Finalist Tsuyoshi Fujita, GP Kyoto Top 8er Nakamura Hirobumi, and former Japanese National Champion Masayuki Higashino

2B picked a Pyre Zombie, giving a Benalish Trapper to 3B and a Nomadic Elf to Ryan Fuller. 3B's pack gave him a Probe and Fuller a Yavimaya Barbarian as Williams and Benafel both took black cards.

The colors were set so quickly that when David WIlliams opened the fourth pack of the Draft, Treva, the Renewer went all the way around the table to be taken by the last person, his teammate Ryan Fuller, who had accurately predicted that it was safe to ignore Treva, since none of the members of Dekiru-Kana? were going to take it. On the second-to-last Invasion pack, Team Dekiru-Kana? got a dragon of their own when Fujita opened a Darigaaz, which was promptly taken by Hirobumi.

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