Dragon's Maze Rules Updates

Posted in Feature on April 22, 2013

By Wizards of the Coast

With every new Magic set, the game's inner gears get tuned up, whether card-based rules text, comprehensive rules updates, or tournament procedure changes. These updates, combined with the introduction of a new set, creates a period of change that is daunting for new players.

In the years past, these changes have been spread around the Magic website in an effort to reach their intended audiences, but they have never been gathered together in one place. We have worked to unify the schedule of these announcements such that we can present them as a resource in one location for easy access to players. They will still be available in their previous locations for those who already know where to look for them, but in terms of updates, you can look for a similar article to this one in the future.

We know many of you also look forward to the announced changes to the comprehensive rules, which happens with every set release. The comprehensive rules update for Dragon's Maze will go live on May 1, 2013. As with every comprehensive rules update, we will have a feature article that date as well.

Dragon's Maze FAQ: This is the Frequently Asked Questions document we release along with the new set. Now that the set is fully public, you can dive in here to see how the new mechanics work and get answers on specific card interactions. If this doesn't answer your questions, feel free to contact our game support department to learn more.

Banned & Restricted Update: There are updates for Modern and Vintage. Be sure to read so you know what is changing.

Comprehensive Rules Update: The comprehensive rules update reflecting the changes to the game's rules since the last set release.

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