Duels of the Planeswalkers PS3 Home Space

Posted in Feature on February 10, 2011

By Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast has yet another way for Magic: The Gathering players and fans to interact online. Now available on the PlayStation Network, a Magic-themed Home space will launch tomorrow and offer an opportunity to interact with Wizards of the Coast staff and special celebrity guests from the gaming community. Adorned with dueling holograms, sculptures and a gallery, the Magic Home space is sure to engage Planeswalkers of all skill levels.

On your internet connected PS3, go to the Playstation Network icon and then select Playstation Home.

When Home starts up you will be in the Navigator screen (which can also be reached later by hitting the Start button on your controller).

You will find the Magic: The Gathering Home space under New and Recommended or later under the Explore headers.

Every area of the Home space will contain interactive elements, which give the visitor the feeling that there’s always something to do, as well as there being cool stuff to see everywhere.

The halls and rooms contain various ‘mini-game’ challenges that trigger a reward when completed – fragments that count towards a Key to be used as an access token to a goody from Wizards, or a mana/game themed t-shirt. To further integrate the crossover of the Home space with Duels of the Planeswalkers, the game will also unlock a small number of gift items; Ornamental versions of the statues that feature in the Home space, that the player can use to decorate their own PS3 Home apartment.

In addition, several different Magic: The Gathering t-shirts will be available to win or for purchase in the Home store that will allow fans to show off their favorite color or Planeswalker with more items to come in the future.

The Upper Hall is where the player arrives, and consists of:

  • Sculptures of Magic characters
  • A large balcony area
  • Visitor seating
  • Portals to the Gallery and Store
  • The 5 portals to the mana zones ("coming soon")

The visitor arrives in the Upper Hall and has the opportunity to get their bearings in the Home space, with an overview of the Main Hall from the balcony, before setting off to explore.

The Main Hall is below the Upper Hall and is filled with plenty of things for aspiring Planeswalkers to see and interact with including:

  • Animated duelling holograms of Jace and Chandra
  • 3 mini-games that offer prizes
  • Viewable leader boards from Duels of the Planeswalkers
  • The Key Portal

The Gallery is a separate exhibition space, and consists of:

  • A large exhibition of the coolest card art
  • A set of related mini-games

The Key Portal, a central feature of the exhibition hall, is the place the visitor goes once they've won all 5 key fragments (by playing the mini-games) and can then unlock the gift item that the Key Portal contains.

Mini Games

Spot the Difference (Main Hall): The player has to identify ten differences between two pictures.

Name that card! (Main Hall): The player must guess what card a given piece of artwork is from.

What Mana Color Are You? (Main Hall): The player answers a multiple choice questionnaire.

Fractured Statue (Art Gallery): Scattered parts of a statue are hanging in the air over the heads of the visitors. To win the game the player has to find the correct place to stand in to view the statue in its entirety.

Fractured Picture (Art Gallery): Scattered parts of a picture are hanging in the air over the heads of the visitors. To win the game the player has to find the correct place to stand in to view the statue in its entirety.

Art Fragments (Art Gallery): The player must find a given art detail within the cards displayed in the gallery.

Avatar Attire

In addition to mana symbols and Planeswalker symbols in all five colors (given out as rewards for mini games), there are Avatar T-Shirts for Ajani Goldmane, Chandra Nalaar, Jace Beleren, Garruk Wildspeaker, and Lilliana Vess. And anyone putting together the five key fragments at the key portal will receive a Nissa Revane shirt.

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