Dungrove Green

Posted in Feature on July 3, 2012

By Conley Woods

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Daily Decks here on DailyMTG! Alright, so the column isn't new, but its new to me! My name is Conley Woods, and hopefully I can carry the torch that Gavin so graciously passed along to me. I will be doing my best to find some interesting and unique brews in our time together here. I am not one to hold that up any, so without further ado...

Mono-green decks were all of the rage about a year ago, but then began to fall by the wayside as more people adapted to the giant hexproof creatures the deck could throw at you. Well, Randy Sheffield didn't get the memo, as he piloted the lost deck to a Top 16 finish at the StarCityGames Open event in Detroit, Michigan.

Dungrove Green really has one goal in mind, and that is to play out the biggest creature and figure out how to make it connect. Randy accomplishes the former by playing creatures that grow as the game goes on, like Dungrove Elder, Predator Ooze, and Wolfir Silverheart. And as for the last part, well, Randy turns to a variety of options. Sword of War and Peace is pretty good at pushing through a field of Angels, and Bellowing Tanglewurm has been a one-of staple in the deck for half a year. But Randy went one step further than those methods and included the underplayed Revenge of the Hunted as a giant green removal spell that also allows him to get in some, if not all, of the damage he could ever want.

The real reason to be talking about this deck, though, is that Dungrove Green might be making a comeback thanks to the reprinting of Rancor in Magic 2013. With Rancor, your Dungrove Elders are an even bigger force than you originally planned on, and you rarely need to worry about a loss of card advantage thanks to the nifty wording on that iconic green enchantment. Look for these two cards to join together over the next three to four months and stir up the Standard metagame a bit!

Randy Sheffield's Get 'er Dungrove

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